Eat This Cup Noodle With Ice to Keep You Cool and Refreshed This Summer in Japan!

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  • Summer in Japan is hot and humid, which is why it tends to be less popular than all the other seasons. Aside from summer festivals and the beach, there seems to be nothing much to look forward to. This is the reason Nissin Cup Noodle (日清カップヌードル) released a reprise of their Cup Noodle Somen (カップヌードル そうめん), which allowed people to stay cool amidst the summer heat. Somen is the thinnest form of Japanese noodles. It is so light and tasty, you’ll want to eat them all year!

    The First Release of the Cup Noodle Somen

    Nissin Cup Noodles are very popular in Japan. It is regarded as the best-selling cup-type instant noodles in the market. It is clearly a winner with its springy noodles and tasty soup.

    The first Cup Noodle Somen was released on July 7, 2014, a day which was dubbed as “Somen Day” in Japan. It was also in time for the summer season in the country which extends from July to August. The packaging featured Mt. Fuji (富士山) capped with snow and a boat plowing through the blue waves. The ingredients included kombu (昆布) seaweed, clam, shiitake (椎茸) mushroom, and chicken-flavored soup mixed with ginger. The noodles offered a taste of Japan.

    Though the cup noodles can be enjoyed hot, it was advisable to add some ice for that tasty experience. It is prepared by adding boiling water up to three cm below the inner line. Stir it and let it stand for about two minutes or so. Then, you can add ice if you prefer it that way. It was retailed at 170 yen per cup.

    This Summer’s Cup Noodle Somen

    This summer 2017, Nissin Cup Noodle introduces the Cup Noodle Somen Yuzu Flavor (カップヌードル そうめん 鯛だし柚子風味). It is a unique blend of ice-cold noodles with a citrus flavor for that yummy, summery vibe. Its flavor also includes chicken and kombu. The wheat noodles are submerged into a pool of green onion, fish meat, egg, and steamed fish cake (kamaboko). The kamaboko adds color to the cup noodles as it comes in pink.

    The new packaging features Hokusai’s (北斎) “Shore of Tago Bay, Ejiri at Tokaido (東海道江尻田子の浦略図),” a woodblock color print made by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾北斎) who is a brilliant artist, ukiyo-e (浮世絵) painter, and printmaker. This is a great way to give people an idea about amazing Japanese works of art.

    Just like the first release, the Cup Noodle Somen is prepared in a simple manner. You just have to follow how to make a regular cup noodle, then add ice cubes to it. If you don’t want it cold, just omit the last step. Each cup noodle is retailed at 180 yen.

    This cup noodle is surely going to be your favorite every summer season in Japan. Instead of worrying about the humidity in the country, let’s look at the brighter side and beat the heat with refreshing iced cup noodles. Unique blends are introduced every year which leaves me thinking of what blend they’ll have next summer. What do you think?

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