Customize Your Own Blend of Fruits in Tea This Summer in Tokyo and Osaka!

  • The worldwide tea brand, Lipton, is starting a new event in Japan called “Fruits in Tea” where they will be offering new ways to enjoy a combination of fruits and tea this summer season. There will be two pop-up stores during this special summertime event, one in Omotesando (表参道), Tokyo (東京) from June 28 to August 27, 2017, and one in Osaka (大阪) from July 7 to August 31, 2017.

    If you are a lover of tea and you drink it every day, you may be a bit tired of repeating the same flavor over and over again. If that is the case, then the Lipton Fruits in Tea stores may be perfect for you. At the pop-up shops, you can create your own special tea and fruit infusion drink. With over 40,000 combinations of drinks to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

    Customize Your Drink

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    Here are the five easy steps to customizing your own tea:

    1. Choose from two types of Lipton teas: the Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea (コールドブリューアールグレイティー) or the Summer Blend Tea (サマーブレンドティー). The Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea has a citrus-based scent and is extremely refreshing with a slight bitterness that comes from tea, while the Summer Blend Tea goes perfectly with fruits as the bitterness of the tea is lightened.
    2. Choose one type of base fruit which will be the main flavor of your tea. You can choose from pineapple, orange, strawberry, lime, grapefruit, and lemon.
    3. Choose two fruit toppings out of the assortment: raspberry, peach, kiwi, mango, blueberry, and lychee.
    4. Choose from a variety of special accent items which are perfect for adding textures and flavors to your tea. You can add colored tapioca, aloe, ogyochi, goji berry, estragon, and mint.
    5. Choose a syrup to add some sweetness to your drink. The syrups come in the following flavors: hibiscus, sugar cane, elderflower, grenadine, passion fruit, coconut, and almond.
    Special Edition Tumbler

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    Once you make your one-of-a-kind blend, you can have it poured into a special edition Lipton tumbler. Lipton recommends that you have your drink in a tumbler so that you can shake it with the lid closed to enhance the fragrance of the tea.

    There are four kinds of tumblers available: the main design, the pop-up shop limited design, the Omotesando shop design, and the Osaka shop design. You can get the pop-up shop limited design only if you go to one of the two locations in person. The Omotesando shop and Osaka shop designs are also only available at each respective shop. After you are done with your drink and before the ice has completely melted, you can get another tumbler or cup full of the Cold Brew Arrange Tea, which is only available for those who go back for seconds.

    Special Menu

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    There is also a special limited menu that you can order from instead of making your own blend. You cannot recreate these drinks through the customization menu so if you want to try the tea flavors recommended by Lipton, make sure to check out these three flavors as well:

    1. Beauty Strawberry + Aloe (ビューティーストロベリー+アロエ) – Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea, strawberry, orange, lemon, aloe, mint, and sugar cane syrup
    2. Recovery Raspberry + Ogyochi (リカバリーラズベリー+オーギョーチ) – Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea, lemon, raspberry, mango, ogyochi, estragon, and grenadine syrup
    3. Oasis Lychee + Color Tapioca (オアシスライチ+カラータピオカ) – Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea, lime, pineapple, lychee, colored tapioca, mint, and passion fruit syrup

    Lipton’s Fruits in Tea pop-up stores are a perfect way to rehydrate in the searing summer heat of Japan, as well as revitalize your body with the various vitamins and minerals contained in the fruits. If you are in the Omotesando or Osaka area, be sure to drop by and see if you can find your perfect blend of tea!

    Lipton Fruits in Tea Cold Brew Summer Store Website *Japanese only
    Access: Omotesando / Osaka

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