Experience Edo and Goldfish-Themed Treats at this Event in Tokyo!

  • Japan is a country brimming with traditional culture alongside the age of modernization. This aspect that the country can proudly boast of is one of the many reasons to visit and experience Japan first-hand. If you want to see a different side of the Japanese summer, you can’t miss the Eco Edo Nihonbashi (ECO EDO日本橋) back again for an Edo (江戸)-like experience.

    Nihonbashi is home to the famous Nihonbashi Bridge, which is an iconic symbol of the region and was first built in the year 1603. This was also the year that the shogunate of the Edo Period was established. Nihonbashi is also known for being Tokyo’s historic center of commerce and finance, originating in its economic boom and modernization.

    Eco Edo Nihonbashi 2017

    Eco Edo Nihonbashi is a yearly summer event that first took place in 2007. Now in its 10th year, the theme takes on the slogan “Enjoy Cool Edo With All Five Senses”. In 2017, the Eco Edo Nihonbashi will take place from July 7th until September 24th. If you’re lucky enough to be here for the duration of the event, here are the things you don’t want to miss.

    The Goldfish Sweets and Bar Walk

    For 2017, the Goldfish Sweets and Bar Walk will be taking place. Aside from the popular Nihonbashi alcohol menu, the goldfish motif sweets that were highly acknowledged in last year’s event will also be served. Around 76 commercial shops and facilities in the Nihonbashi and Ningyo-cho (人形町) area will also be participating in the popular stamp rally event.

    Nihonbashi Art Aquarium

    The popular art aquarium exhibition is also back to awe its visitors with this year’s display. The Nihonbashi Art Aquarium, produced by Kimura Hidetomo (木村英智), boosts the elegance of the goldfish display by incorporating projection mapping and lightings alongside motifs from traditional Japan.

    But that’s not where it all ends. If you’re down for some music and a couple of drinks afterward, then you can enjoy that too from 7:00pm! The entrance fee to the Art Aquarium is 1000 yen for adults and 600 yen for grade school students and below.

    You can also enjoy other activities happening at the Eco Edo Nihonbashi such as checking out the giant goldfish lantern or wearing a yukata (浴衣) on your stroll down the streets, or you can even opt to go to the Nihonbashi Noryo Kingyo Chochin Sen (日本橋納涼金魚ちょうちん船), which is an evening lantern cruise with the vessel taking in the goldfish designs complete with Japanese lanterns and more!

    Getting to go to the Eco Edo Nihonbashi event will surely give your visit to Japan that extra summer experience with all the cool places you can check out and also the numerous activities you can choose to take part in. This event only happens once a year, so it’s certainly one of those things you should put on your to-do list on your trip to Japan this summer!

    Eco Edo Nihonbashi event website *Japanese only