Seeking Self-Discovery? Try Out Yamabushi-do Training in the Japanese Mountains!

  • Yamabushi are Japanese mountain people who believe in connecting with nature in order to gain inner power. These people usually make pilgrims to temples and shrines, pray and study hard, perform rituals and help villagers to understand their religion. As of this year, Megurun Inc. and Daishobo, a pilgrim lodge, are launching a mountain training program called Yamabushi-do catered to non-Japanese speakers. The training will help them understand their true nature through a warrior’s way of discipline.

    Understanding Yamabushi

    Yamabushi are considered devotees of a mystical tradition that plays a significant role in Japanese spirituality. They provide the best representation of Japanese religion which has been practiced for over 1,300 years. The Yamabushi believe that enlightenment can be attained through communication with the natural world over a long period of time. The philosophy of the training is to place yourself in nature and focus on feeling as opposed to thinking in order to rejuvenate your true self.

    The Yamabushi also train in martial arts in order to protect themselves throughout their journey. People say this kind of training is called “experimental awakening” as you are not only reading and learning books but also going out to experience the natural environment with all of your senses. It is said that the history of Yamabushi dates all the way back to the sixth century CE. The ascetics who were wandering in the mountain started to blend elements of Shinto, Taoism and Buddhism. This resulted in the formulation of Shugendo, the core of the Yamabushi’s belief.

    About the Yamabushi-do

    Yamabushi-do is a rare and powerful path of self-development. It is a collection of training programs that are held in the sacred Japanese mountains of Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture. The practice is quick and rigorous and is aimed at re-balancing the priorities in your life. It follows the way of the Shugendo, one of Japan’s most ancient and transformative processes.

    The company behind this training is Megurun Inc. who promote the wonder of the Yamagata region and the local area in a global context through Yamabushi-oriented activities and philosophy.

    Daishobo is a pilgrim lodge located near the foot of Mt. Haguro. It is a popular lodging place for people from around the world who love to explore the beautiful mountain trails of Dewa Sanzan.

    Where and When to Try Yamabushi-do Training

    Both Megurun Inc. and Daishobo will be launching Yamabushi-do for international audiences. This includes not only mountain training but also letting guests acquire something that they can continue to benefit from even after returning to their ordinary lives. The practice is more powerful than ordinary meditation and other forms of mindfulness.

    The two programs that will take place over summer 2017 are three-day basic Yamabushi-do Training courses. There is also a five-day Extended Yamabushi-do Training course. The programs will be under the supervision of a certified Yamabushi guide (English-speaking support). These will take place at Mt. Haguro and Mt. Kinbo and cost 150,000 yen per person which includes accommodation and meals.

    This is a certified intimate experience you can have alongside nature. If you’re up for this summer challenge, it’s time to place yourself in nature and discover your true self. Learn something powerful before heading back to your home country or your usual routine.

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