Refresh Your Body at Shiro Store & Cafe in Hokkaido

  • If you are careful about what goes onto your face and body, why not also use the same kind of care for what goes into your body? Shiro is a shop in Sunagawa in Hokkaido (北海道砂川市) that uses high quality, organic ingredients that are sure to change your body’s health.

    About Shiro

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    Shiro originally was a skincare brand that has shops all around Japan as well as one shop in London. They sell self-brand skincare and fragrances, with the philosophy that the things we eat and use every day should be made of natural ingredients and made in a way that will enhance the flavor and other goodness of the ingredients to the fullest extent.

    Shiro Store & Cafe in Hokkaido

    The head store is located in Sunagawa in Hokkaido, and the Sunagawa location is the only Shiro store that also has a cafe attached where they also use the same natural ingredients used in their skincare and fragrance products. The Sunagawa location is one hour from Sapporo City (札幌市) towards Asahikawa (旭川). As Shiro’s motto is “use healthy and tasty ingredients for your skin”, this cafe and store complex is an embodiment of the brand’s ideas.

    The white box-shaped building is flooded with light that comes in from the expansive windows that line each side of the building. The open aired two-story space has the cafe space on the first floor and a full lineup of Shiro items: Shiro SHOP (skincare and fragrances) and Shiro LIFE (jam, tea, sauces), on the second floor.

    Shiro Cafe Menu

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    Some of Shiro Cafe’s most popular menu items are the Shiro original pancakes. There are two types of pancakes available, the rhubarb and cheese cream pancake and the lemon and maple pancake. The batter is made from Hokkaido-made flour, giving the pancakes an extremely fluffy texture.

    Another favorite at Shiro Cafe is the vegetable-filled curry. Packed out with large vegetables and three types of cheeses, this filling dish has the amazing natural flavor of the vegetables, topped with a hint of spice which keeps drawing customers back for more.

    The menu items recommended by the owner of Shiro are their fried bread rolls. Although there is only a limited number of these bread rolls available every day, if you can get to the cafe early enough, I highly recommend trying one. These fried bread rolls are made freshly on order and there with three flavors available: ground soybean sugar, cinnamon, and lemon sugar. The most popular is the ground soybean sugar fried bread roll which uses the same ground soybeans used in Shiro’s “Azuki Scrub”.

    Another popular item from the cafe is their smoothies. There are five flavors of smoothies available: pineapple, mango and paprika, sake-kasu and strawberry, avocado and grapefruit, as well as the seasonal green smoothie. Each smoothie includes ingredients that are used in the facial toners sold at Shiro.

    There is also a take-out stand available at Shiro Cafe, so if you are stopping by during a drive you can pick up something to eat on the go.

    Shiro Store & Cafe Opening Times

    The Shiro store and cafe in Sunagawa is open from 10 AM to 8 PM every day except Thursdays. If you are in a different part of the country or the world, unfortunately, you won’t be able to taste the items at Shiro Cafe but you can still visit the various Shiro shops such as Shiro Beauty, Shiro HOME and Shiro LIFE which are spread out all over Japan as well as the one location in London.

    If you want to reevaluate your eating habits and beauty care routine, be sure to check out the products from Shiro! You’re sure to find your new favorite beauty care item or your favorite food.

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