Get a Healthy Glow with Custom-Made Salads from These 3 Tokyo Restaurants

  • There is a variety of salad dishes in Japan. You can even find some delicious salads in convenience stores. While the country has ample amounts of healthy food options, one of the best places to find good food is Tokyo. There are so many eateries serving delicious dishes including sushi, sukiyaki, tempura, etc. which look so enticing. However, if you prefer eating the healthy way, you can always go for nutritious salads. Here are three restaurants in Tokyo that serve healthy salads that shouldn’t be missed!

    1. Green Brothers

    Green Brothers is a salad bar which was launched in July 2016. Taking inspiration from New York’s health food cafes, the restaurant is ideal for people looking for healthy fast food with its location just a few minutes walk from Ebisu Station (恵比寿駅). There are a variety of set salads on the menu as well as the option to mix and match different ingredients in order to create a custom-made salad to suit your taste. This is a great option if you’d like to top your dish with a particular ingredient such as chicken or shrimp.

    Each custom-made salad costs 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen. Other popular options include the spicy Green Brothers Mexican Salad. These delicious salads are perfect paired with a refreshing drink from the Green Brothers drinks menu, which includes organic coffee, craft beer, kale green tea and ginger lime fresca. Good news for fans of Green Brothers is that they are hoping to expand and open at least 50 more shops by 2020.

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.
    Green Brothers Website
    Green Brothers Ebisu Branch Access

    2. AIN SOPH Soar

    This is a vegetarian restaurant which opened in February 2014. Just a 10-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station (池袋駅), the restaurant has an impressive signboard which reflects the meaning of “soar”. It means to go higher which is depicted by an image of an angel’s wings. The restaurant is indeed angelic-looking thanks to its calm lighting and neat interior.

    Once seated, you will be offered either the menu which comes in both Japanese and English. The menu consists of several seasonal vegetables and fruits with dishes such as sauteed mushrooms with carottes rapées, coconut curry with renkon, vegan cheesecake and pumpkin ice cream. Do remember that dishes are meticulously crafted for vegans. There are also vegan baked sweets on offer which make great souvenirs for your family or friends.

    AIN SOPH Soar Website
    AIN SOPH Soar Access

    3. City Shop

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    This popular shop in Tokyo has been curated by Yuichi Yoshii (吉井雄一). Both the shop’s delicatessen and its cafe Noodle are the perfect place for you to create your own healthy meal. The salad bar is packed with all the fresh vegetables you can think of from leafy greens to grains and pulses. There are also some vegan options for customers to choose from such as pumpkin, lotus, Japanese hijiki and so on. There are also rare varieties of vegetables which are hard to find in the market. A usual meat set costs around 1,400 yen, which includes bread and tea or coffee. This is one of the best places to fill yourself up without worrying about what you’re consuming.

    Consider visiting these three restaurants in Tokyo if you’re looking for a healthy and fun way to eat around the city. These places offer great value for money as you do not only get to eat a lot but you’ll also get that healthy glow.

    City Shop Website
    City Shop Access

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