An Artificial Intelligent Chatbot for Customers is Coming to a Hotel in Osaka

  • Japan is known to be one of the world leaders in technological advancement. It has been developing information technology and robotics through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a number of years. Now, a new type of AI will be experienced in the Japanese hotel Holiday Inn Osaka Namba (ホリデーイン大阪難波).

    Guest experiences are expected to be improved with the help of Bebot, a chatbot which uses AI in order to provide personal assistance to guests. It is hoped that Bebot will be able to help travelers and give them personalized advice.

    Artificial Intelligence Technology in Japan

    The situation of Japan’s falling birthrate and increasing aging population is an imminent threat which needs to be addressed very soon. The government believes that technological advancement in the form of artificial intelligence will give a much-needed boost to industries in the country.

    The fact that AI is able to extract patterns in large amounts of image data and classify them without being instructed by human being makes things convenient. This is possible through something called deep-learning technology. Japan is currently competing in this field against tech giants in the West. It is predicted that jobs in Japan which don’t involve special knowledge or skills will eventually be taken over by machines. However, those career paths which require creativity and ability to understand will remain in human hands.

    The essence of having this change in society is not targeted on stealing human jobs but allowing people to focus on creative and communicative tasks.

    All about Bebot

    Bebot is a “chatbot”, a computer program designed to simulate conversations between human users. It is the first-ever chatbot concierge in the country and has been adopted by the Holiday Inn Osaka Namba. It is equipped with an AI engine built by Bespoke Inc. which allows it to provide real-time assistance to guests such as providing personalized recommendations, booking restaurants, and answering questions regarding hotel services and facilities. You can talk to Bebot via your phone using a chat messenger.

    Bebot can also provide information to tourists in the area about the popular and less-known sights and can help them plan short trips and request feedback about hotels. In this way, it can also help hotels improve their services for better promotion. Communication with Bebot is done through a chat application on your smartphone. The more guests that communicate with Bebot, the more likely it will be able to provide them with the best possible experience suitable to their needs. In situations where Bebot cannot answer the question, AI changes to human support in order to provide guests a “real” conversation.

    Hotels of any size and location can use Bebot through a customization process which uses Bespoke Inc.’s databases. So if you’re a hotel owner or a traveler, you can use Bebot to help you expand your business or assist you in your travel. If you travel to Japan and stay in Osaka, try the Holiday Inn and have a go at chatting to Bebot yourself!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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