Travel Back in Time to the Showa Era with This All-You-Can-Drink Event in Tokyo

  • The Showa period in Japan is said to have been a time of enlightened peace and harmony. A radical change occurred in the country after being defeated in World War II. Japan was occupied by foreign powers which transformed the country into a democracy. It also resulted in economic growth which rapidly made the country one of the world’s largest economies. Now Japan enjoys millions of visitors a year, and with that comes some very special events for tourists and locals alike.

    This summer, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo is pleased to announce 31 summer beer garden events inspired by the Showa era. It will be held at the hotel’s spacious Chapel Garden and Thyme Banquet located on the fourth floor.

    The Showa Era

    The Showa era was a lengthy reign of Emperor Hirohito, the longest-ruling emperor in the country. It was a time when Japan underwent a dramatic upheaval and changes. It began with an economic crisis in 1928, which led to bloody clashes between the people and the police. This was further exacerbated by the worldwide economic depression during the 1930s; the unemployment rate increased, which further led to radicalization of citizens. The country then moved into totalitarianism, ultra-nationalism, and fascism.

    In 1945, the country was forced to surrender, and some of the ultra-nationalists couldn’t accept defeat so they committed suicide. The Americans occupied the islands and left the emperor on the throne. Under the new constitution, it wasn’t allowed to maintain armed forces. Instead of pouring their energy and money into military efforts, Japan then focused on building up the economy. In time, the country was able to produce high-tech equipment, consumer electronics, power houses, and automobiles.

    Nostalgic Showa-Era Beer Garden

    For summer 2017, Grand Hyatt Tokyo will be promoting its 31 summer beer garden events. The experience will feel like traveling back in time to Japan’s Showa era. The events will be held in a lively garden and banquet room with free-flowing drinks and Showa-inspired dishes.

    Aside from beer and mixed drinks, beer-flavored beverages which were popular during the Showa time will also be made available. The guests can also enjoy popular music of the era while dining and drinking in order to complete the atmosphere. It will be a great reminiscence and nostalgia of the “period of radiant Japan.” The whole place will exude a retro ambiance and will be adorned with paper lanterns and paper fans. If you’d like to attend at least one of the events, take note of the schedule below.


    • 3rd
    • 6th
    • 10th
    • 11th-14th
    • 21st
    • 24th-25th
    • 27th-28th
    • 31st


    • 1st
    • 3rd-4th
    • 7th-10th
    • 17th-18th
    • 21st-25th
    • 28th-31st

    Entry time is 5:00pm with late entries at 8:00pm. The event ends at 9:00pm with the last order at 8:30pm. It is important to make an advance reservation as early as possible before the event via Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s website. The entrance fee is 6000 yen, which includes tax and the service charge. It is 1000 yen per item for additional servings. If you change your mind and would like to make a cancellation, it will only be allowed at least three days prior to the event.

    Why don’t you experience vibrant and radiant Japan by attending the hotel’s beer garden events? Enjoy the Showa era atmosphere with your family and friends and feel the spirit of unity and human connection!

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