Want Free Internet Access While Traveling in Japan? Find Out How Here!

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  • Need to update your status on your social media accounts while traveling? Or perhaps you need to frequently check your email even when you’re out of your home country? Although Japan has several free Wi-Fi spots, you may still need a reliable SIM card to help you access the Internet and communicate with people back in your country.

    Japan’s network providers have strict policies when it comes to getting a new SIM, which makes it quite difficult if you are a temporary visitor. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to get one as there are various SIM cards sold by providers, most of which are connected through the NTT DOCOMO network signal.

    On June 26, 2017, NTT DOCOMO announced on their website that they will be launching a visitor SIM card called “Japan Welcome SIM” on July 1, 2017, which will allow visitors to Japan a 15-day Internet access. Check it out!

    Choose Your SIM Card Plan

    The Japan Welcome SIM is available in three plans:

    1. Plan Zero

    Want to access the Internet for free from anywhere in Japan? This DOCOMO SIM card plan allows users to use the Internet for free. You might be wondering, why would a company let customers consume data without asking them to pay anything? Actually, as an exchange for free data usage, you need to view a certain number of video ads and fill out a survey form prior to your arrival in Japan. Not bad, right? Especially if you are traveling on a budget, you wouldn’t have to pay extra for data while traveling. This plan will be available from October 2017.

    2. Plan 1000

    If you don’t like viewing ads on your phone in exchange for free data, you can choose this plan instead. With a 128-Kbps speed, same speed as Plan Zero, users can enjoy an ad-free Internat access. This plan costs 1,000 yen for the first 500 MB.

    3. Plan 1700

    If you want an ad-free access and a little bit higher download speed, this plan is best for you. Just pay an additional 700 yen and you can upgrade your data speed up to 682 Mbps for your first 500 MB data usage.

    For both Plan 1000 and Plan 1700, users can continue their subscriptions by paying an additional 200 yen for another 100 MB or an additional 700 yen for 500 MB (both prices are tax exclusive). If you want to continue using the SIM but don’t like to pay additional charges, you can do so by answering surveys and viewing ads just like with Plan Zero.

    How to Avail This SIM Card

    Visit the Japan Welcome SIM website linked below to create your d account and choose your plan. If you opt for Plan Zero, you need to earn the data that you will be using by watching ads and answering surveys. You can get your SIM card at the airport or at a collection point of your choice by presenting the redemption code to the counter staff.

    Since we love staying connected especially when traveling, this new SIM card offered by NTT DOCOMO is perfect. Include this on your list of must-have items before your travels to Japan. Updating your social media accounts and sharing your photos and travel experiences are now made easier with this new visitor SIM card!

    Japan Welcome SIM Website *Japanese only

    NTT DOCOMO Website