“Tori no Ichi”: The Day of Business Prosperity

  • “Tori no Ichi” Fair is an annual event on the day of Tori (Rooster) that was established in November in Chinese calendar. This event has begun in the Edo Era and you can still see it to our days. The day of Tori comes every 12 days. And ordinally, the first day of the Tori is the most important. “Tori no Ichi” Fair can be found in various Otori-jinja shrines in all parts of Japan.
    The most famous Otori-jinja is in Taito-ku, a shrine close to Asakusa; Hanazono-jinja shrine in Shinjuku; Kitano-jinja shrine in Nakano and Ebara shrine Shinagawa.

    Lucky charm Bamboo Rake

    Bamboo rake is one popular lucky charm in Japan used to bring happiness and prosperity, particularly for business. It is said that the better are the decorations on the bamboo the more effective it would be. Also changing the bamboo rake to a bigger size from year to year, can bring happiness during the upcoming New Year. The Temple of Chokoku-ji in Asakusa in Tokyo was the first to present Asakusa Tori no Ichi (Asakusa Fair of the Rooster) and the reason Chokoku-ji is also known as Tori no Tera (Temple of the Rooster). Today, it can be found with various decorations and shapes.

    Special Food

    There are special foods that you can buy in Tori no Ichi Fair, the most popular food that is sold, near the shrine, are Kashira no Imo, steamed taro, and Koganemochi (Japanese rice cake). People believed that such a special food will bring success and wealth. You can also find other various food vendors around the Tori no Ichi Fair.

    Buyer and Seller Customary

    In this fair, the customers and sellers may do price negotiations that can be interesting. When both seller and buyer deal with the price, they have customary to clap their hands in a common rhythm which is known as “tejime”. Some people go to this fair just for “tejime” because this tradition is rare to find in a big city like Tokyo.
    Asakusa Tori No Ichi Event Informations

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