Stimulate Your Adventurous Side With These 3 Fun Games at TOKYO JOYPOLIS in Odaiba

  • TOKYO JOYPOLIS is an indoor amusement park located in Odaiba. It is popular for its arcade games and amusement rides based on SEGA franchises. There are three operational Joypolis parks in Japan but the flagship is in Odaiba. This is a fun spot for those looking for somewhere interesting to spend the day. Its three-storey complex consists of enjoyable attractions such as interactive games and virtual reality (VR) rides. Here are three of the heart-pumping games worth trying at TOKYO JOYPOLIS! Take note that one of these games will only be available until July 9, 2017.

    1. Initial D

    This is an interesting ride for people who are car fanatics. It gives you the actual feeling of riding a sports car while participating in a car race. The ride feels like driving a real car as the machine’s feedback is very responsive and it immediately follows your maneuver.

    This is certainly a unique experience to try and there’s always a long queue which usually lasts for 30 minutes. The only downside is that you cannot choose your own car when riding this attraction.

    The ride costs 600 yen but you can avail of the TOKYO JOYPOLIS passport for 4,300 yen which includes admission and rides. If you buy the ticket at Lawson, Ministop, or at Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line, it will only cost 3,900 yen. This full-day passport will allow you to play the game an unlimited number of times.

    2. Transformers : Human Alliance

    Next up is Transformers Human Alliance

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    If you’ve come across Wipeout and F-Zero, which are futuristic racing video games, then you’ll definitely know the concept of this ride. It feels like being on a roller coaster where you can control your screen with your joystick. Up to two persons can play the game at once. It is very important to coordinate your acceleration and turns so you can get a speed boost. The track is quite challenging as it is tubular in form which means you get the chance to do a 360-degree rotation. It can be a lot of fun but a little tiring achieving those spins and can also be tummy-churning.

    3. Zero Latency VR: Zombie Survival

    Zero Latency VR is considered to be the world’s most advanced free roam VR experience. There will be instructions and safety tips before you start the game. You’ll be given a gun, a backpack, headset, and virtual reality goggles.

    Once you go into the arena, it’s like leaving the real world behind. Your job is to stop the apocalypse of the undead. You will become fully immersed in the game as you can walk, aim, and shoot. The experience can be frighteningly real but is technically brilliant and fun.

    This game can be booked online via this page (automatic translation available). Hurry and book now as the Zombie Survival is only available until July 9, 2017. There will be a different game to follow.

    Games like these may be available at home, but it is more fun to experience them in a different setting. Stimulate that adventurous side of yours by getting out of your comfort zone and heading to TOKYO JOYPOLIS in Odaiba. These three exciting games are out of this world!


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