How Do the Japanese Spend Their Summers? Top 5 Popular Activities

  • Introduction

    It is known that winter activities for Japanese include visiting illumination spots, and spring activities include flower watching (Hanami) and picnic around Sakura trees. However, summer activities of Japanese are not well known. So if you are wondering how Japanese spend their summer season, here are some of the most popular local activities during this time of the year.

    1. Yukata Matsuri

    Most Japanese will attend the festivals, during Summer. Especially the Yukata Matsuri held from July 22 to 24 where Japanese men and women get to wear light cotton casual kimonos (Yukata) during the event. The ‘matsuri’ or festival usually have countless food vendors and souvenir stalls, programs and oftentimes fireworks display at the end of the festival.

    2. Beach

    Japanese people love the beach, especially in the middle of the summer heat. From late July to late August, families with young children and the group of youth visit the beach. The most popular beach destinations in Japan are Okinawa, Izu Peninsula and Ogsawara Islands.

    3. Firework Festivals

    One of the best activities during summer is fireworks watching. There are thousands of fireworks displayed all over Japan during July to September. From small matsuris to hours of continuous fireworks like in Fukuroi, Shizuoka. The Fukuroi fireworks display usually happen on the second weekend of August every year.

    4. Water Parks

    There are no more fun ways to quench the summer heat than to play in water parks. There are many water parks scattered all over Japan you may not have heard of because they only open a few months a year. Japan’s water parks only open during summer. They usually open early July and close early September.

    5. Camping

    Camping has only just became popular among Japanese. Yet, despite it being a recent trend there are already campgrounds nestled in the entire country. There are camping locations where vehicles are allowed to park within the camp sites and build a tent near your car. If you are planning to go camping during the summer school vacation (which is around late July to Late August) you better make reservations.


    Japan’s summer season is one of the hottest, figuratively of course. The above are just some activities during summer season frequently done by the locals. Why don’t you try becoming one with Japan and try going where Japanese go in summer? So instead visiting temples and shopping, try activities that let you mingle with people. With its awesome firework festivals, amazing water parks, fun beaches and camping sites with a breathtaking view on the background, who would not want to try these activities out?