Embrace Festival Culture with Hello Kitty and More at This Theme Park in Tokyo

  • One of the best things to witness during the summer season in Japan is the beautiful light illuminations often displayed at night during festivals. Sanrio Puroland will soon be hosting the biggest indoor light illumination in the country. The event will occur from July 15th 2017 to September 3rd 2017 through two indoor illumination events and will give every visitor a chance to enjoy dancing with the theme park’s popular characters, such as Hello Kitty.

    Sanrio Puroland

    Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park considered to be the second to Disneyland when it comes to featuring popular characters. It is located in Tama New Town, Tokyo and is frequented by over 1.5 million visitors every year.

    Sanrio Puroland features popular characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. Aside from amusement rides, it also offers various live performances. There are many entertaining shows and attractions which require audience participation. You can also join parades and shows or attend meet-and-greet events where you can meet, hug, and take photos of your favorite Puroland character.

    Every character has a birth month so expect to see special events where you can celebrate their birthdays. If you happen to have the same birthday as your favorite character, then you can make it a memorable one by singing, dancing, and taking commemorative photos with them. A popular parade is the “Miracle Gift Parade” which allows participants to witness small “miracles” happening during the event.

    The Festivals

    This year’s Sanrio Puroland summer illumination festival is divided into two events: the “Daytime Character Festival” and the “Nighttime Illumination Festival.” These festivals will be open all day and will give visitors a chance to see millions of lights shining both day and night. The Daytime Character Festival will be led by Hello Kitty, and there will be a gorgeous pop illumination show called “SPARKLE” featuring Sanrio’s mascots.

    There will also be stalls where you can buy special items of different characters. One fun activity included in this festival is the “CINNAMOROLL Bon Dance Festival” which invites everyone to dance with the characters. The Nighttime Illumination Festival will be held in a romantic atmosphere creating a mystical theme. Just like the former festival, this will also allow visitors to sing and dance with the characters through its marching parade.

    Sanrio Puroland offers various shows through different seasons all throughout the year, attracting more and more visitors as time goes on. These festivals will help visitors learn Japanese traditional “matsuri”, or festival culture, with Sanrio characters in a fun way. If you haven’t thought about how to spend the rest of your summer days in Japan, consider going to these lovely indoor summer festivals! You’ll surely embrace the spirit of Japanese traditional matsuri in an enjoyable way.

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