Relax in These 3 Famous Japanese Gardens in Tottori Prefecture

  • Tottori is a Japanese prefecture in the Chugoku region, famous for its sand dunes and beautiful gardens. If you’re in need for some relaxation in nature, visit these three famous and beautiful gardens in Tottori. They can offer plenty of stunning views and tranquility, amidst which you can relax and enjoy the nature around you.

    1. Tottori Hanakairo Park

    Tottori Hanakairo Park has an area of 50 hectares and is located near Yonago town in Tottori prefecture facing Mt. Daisen. It is so huge that you can find flowers at any time of the year in every season.

    The entrance fee for entering the park is usually 1000 yen, except in winter when it is usually lower. There are different sections in this park, such as the 50-meter flower observatory that has a connected elevated path. On this path, you can take a walk to get a good glimpse of main seasonal flower species. It also has the Keukenhof corner with European-style gardens and the Flower Hill that has slopes covered with flowers.

    This park conducts special events with night illuminations at every weekend in the months of July and August, and sometimes during the Christmas week in December. You can check the calendar (Japanese only) to check dates if you’re interested in catching the illuminations. It is, in fact, one of the most popular parks in the entire prefecture, even attracting foreign visitors in large numbers. Usually, the park is closed on Tuesdays, except in the spring from April to June and autumn from September to November due to its popularity.

    Tottori Hanakairo Park website

    2. Enchoen Chinese Garden

    Developed in 1995 as a symbol of friendship between Tottori and Hebei provinces in China, the Enchoen Chinese Garden in Yurihama is the perfect place to spend your evening after a day of shopping and sightseeing. You can find the garden overlooking the nearby mountains on the south end of Lake Togo, and the highlights of the park include the peony garden, the community hall for Chinese art and singing performances, and Chinatown.

    There is also a nice bridge offering romantic views called the “Seven Stars Bridge”, or Nanahoshi-Hashi, at the park. If you want to spend some time at a nice Chinese-style garden with its curious display of flowers and art, the Enchoen is the place to go. If you are a non-Japanese person, you can even get a discount on the entrance fee!

    Built in Imperial Chinese style, the garden has 28 amazing scenic views that are often featured in movies and TV series such as the famous Journey to the West. There are also facilities such as restaurants, lavatories, shops, and so on available at the garden.

    Enchoen Chinese Garden website

    3. Tokoen Garden

    Kaike Tsuruya is a famous ryokan located in Yonago in Tottori which is famous for its alkaline hot spring bath that is said to be able to cure different ailments. The bathing area is huge with separate facilities for men and women.

    This old onsen started in 1900 and can help you relax and rejuvenate your skin. Tokoen Garden is a part of the Kaike Onsen that is actually meant for the guests but is also open to non-guests. The garden is located near the seaside.


    Do pay a visit to these three famous gardens in Tottori which offer a great escape from your daily routine. Apart from the aforementioned, there are plenty of gardens and parks in Tottori such as Minatoyama Park, Yumigahama Park, Shikano Castle Garden, and Ochidani-en. You can find aesthetically designed gardens with flowering plants and trees in these places. Why not visit and relax in Japanese tranquility?