What to Know Before Touring Japan’s City of Dreams

  • In terms of the most populated cities in Japan, Yokohama comes in as the second largest after Tokyo. It was the first harbor city to be introduced to the world as an entrance to the country. As one of the birthplaces of Japan’s modern culture, Yokohama has been continuously acquiring information from foreign countries up to the present day. Residents in the city are known for their cheerful attitude and their ease in adapting to new things. With Japan’s distinct four seasons, Yokohama offers different forms of enjoyment at different times of year so make sure you’re prepared before you set off sightseeing around this unmissable port city.


    The temperature during January in Yokohama is low so you have to be extra cautious. At this time, many people attend the New Year festival which takes place in Yokohama’s Chinatown. February’s temperature is similar to January but with warmer winds blowing from the Pacific. You may attend the Okurayama Plum Blossom Festival at this time where you can enjoy traditional dance and a couple of food stands.

    The month of March is still chilly although the temperature starts to rise gradually. The end of the month is the best time to visit Sankei-en Garden for cherry blossom viewing. If you don’t have time in the day, the park is also stunning when visited at night as when the sakura trees are brightly illuminated.


    During these spring months, the cold temperature has already passed. People still join sakura festivals such as Ookagawa Sakura Festival at the beginning of the month. You can see around 800 cherry trees planted alongside the nearby river. Temperatures start to rise at the beginning of May. It is the best time to sport short-sleeved shirts and stroll around the city.

    June is warmer than May. However, you need to prepare an umbrella as June brings the rainy season. The weather is humid at this time. People usually attend the Yokohama Kaiko Festival where they can enjoy fireworks displays and other entertainment.


    July is the hottest time of year in Yokohama. Light wear is necessary at this time as it is also hot and humid even at night. In August, the temperature fluctuates from 30 degrees in the morning to 24 degrees at night. The temperature difference can affect people’s health so you have to take necessary care. At this time, people participate in the Bon Odori Festival. The temperature starts to drop in September while rainy days increase in number and people start preparing for the typhoon season.


    Yokohama starts to get chilly in the month of October. Cardigans and light coats become a necessity. A variety of events are held during this time of year, such as street parties and concerts. The Bird Day Fair is attended by many people during the month of November. This is held in Kotohira Otori Shrine where you can see many stalls. This is the best time to see the autumnal leaves of trees in parks such as Negishi Forest Park and Yamashita Park Street.

    Enjoy this city of dreams while considering the useful information I’ve mentioned. Take full advantage of this famous tourist mecca and get to know how people live in this beautiful area no matter what time of year it is.