5 Yummy Hokkaido Sweets

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  • Hokkaido is well-known in Japan for being a producer of delicious dairy products. Butter, cheese, milk – you name it, Hokkaido makes a tasty version of it. Hokkaido, being large, has plenty of room for farmland meanining that there is plenty of tasty produce grown in the area too! This is also reflected in the types of sweets made in the prefecture, particularly their big sellers. Here are 5 tasty Hokkaido sweets!

    1. Marusei Butter sandwich

    Rokkatei is one of the major sweets brands in Hokkaido. It is known for Marusei Butter Sandwich. Marusei Butter Sandwich is a long production sweet made with Hokkaido produced butter, California raisins, and white chocolate, mixed and sandwiched with biscuits. Not only locals but also tourists love it.
    Established in 1993 in Obihiro, the center of Tokachi region in Hokkaido. It has 19 directly owned stores only in Hokkaido.

    2. Marusei Carmel

    Marusei carmel is one of the marusei series sweet at Rokkatei which was developed as a memorial for its 130th anniversary. It is made from Tokachi produced fresh cream, butter, soybeans, and cheese.It is also made from almond powder, rum and brandy in it. This carmel has biscuits and soybeans, so you can easily chew and also taste crispy texture.
    It is individually packed and three caramels in each bag. You can purchase 6 packs for 530 yen. It is good as a souvenir.


    White chocolate made from fresh milk of Hokkaido is also famous of the Rokkatei. Rokkatei is the first producer of white chocolate in Japan from 1968. The package is unique. Each chocolate has a different illustration of local flowers.The flowers illustrated by a Hokkaido born artist Naoyuki Sakamoto.
    Most popular chocolate is the basic chocolate bar. It is a half size of the usual chocolate bar and wrapped individually.The flavors are white, green tea, mocha white, milk, and dark. It’s 90 yen for each bag so will be another great souvenir.

    4. Strawberry Chocolate

    Another famous chocolate of the house is a strawberry chocolate. It’s a nice creamy milk chocolate that wraps around dried freeze strawberry.The sour taste of the strawberry and sweet chocolate is a perfect match.

    5. Flower shaped chocolate

    Three kinds of flowers are depicted on the wrapping paper and each piece of chocolate is shaped as the local flower petals.The flavors are strawberry, white chocolate, and passion fruit. They look cute and good for souvenirs as well.
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