3 most popular activities for the Japanese youth

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  • Perhaps, sometimes people can be confused if they are in another country and don’t have any idea where they can eat good foods, or see movies, and how people there usually have fun. I hope this article will be helpful for such people to get lots of information about most common entertainments in Japan.
    How do the Japanese youngsters usually spend their time?? There are 3 main options.Though I will go over each one of them later, let me tell you about it shortly. First they go out to eat at a restaurant. Eating out is actually not that expensive in Japan, and sometimes people even go to the restaurants alone. This is a really common thing. Secondly they go to a cinema, bowl or sing karaoke. If you are in Japan, you will see there lots of movie theaters, bowling places, and karaoke boxes. In the end, they go to an izakaya (a Japanese-style pub) at night. There are also regular pubs, but Izakayas are more popular among people.

    Eating out

    I already mentioned before but eating outside is not that expensive and is a common thing. Now I want to show you the most popular restaurant among young people. It is called “Saizeriya”. Saizeriyas are everywhere and you can eat Italian food there. Prices are usually cheaper than in any other places, so young people who don’t have much money to spend often go there.If you want to know more details about Saizeriya, check their webpage.
    Saizeriya website *Japanese only


    There are many entertainment complexes, but cinema, bowling, and karaoke are the most popular. Speaking of bowling, there is a famous bowling chain called “Round 1”. Sometimes you can play not only bowling but also many kinds of sports, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, pool and etc… Depending on a place, some of them are opened 24 hours ,so that people can have fun the whole all night long. If you want to see more details about Round 1 you can check their website.

    Round1 website *Japanese only


    Izakaya is a Japanese-style pub and is very popular among all the age groups, except those who are younger than 20 years old(In Japan, the legal drinking age is 20y.o.). The difference between izakaya and usual pub is in what they serve. In usual pubs, you can drink alcohol but you can’t eat much food. In izakaya, there’s plenty of food. It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? And some of them have 2 hour all-you-can-drink courses (Usually 2000yen~2500yen). If you want to know more details about izakaya I recommend you my favorite one in Tokyo, please check it out

    Ikkyu Izakaya website *Japanese only

    If you feel that you want to try out some of them now that you finished reading this article, it’s my pleasure!

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