Enjoy a Dinner Date with Hatsune Miku at this Cafe in Japan!

  • Dining out alone can be nervewracking, especially if it’s your first time in a new city. Thanks to the dawn of smartphones, it is now easier to peruse the wonder of the internet rather than twiddling your thumbs before your order arrives. There are so many things to keep you busy on the internet but sometimes you still find yourself a little lonely. Blue Leaf Cafe is here to the rescue!

    Part of its promotion with telecommunications provider AU/KDDI and Crypton Future Media is to provide customers an augmented-reality virtual girlfriend that will keep you company while dining. Why not try this unique way of eating out?

    The Virtual Girlfriend Trend

    Some people say it is quite hard to find a date in Japan these days, especially with the people’s hectic schedules. Interest in true love is apparently waning in the country. For Japan’s stranded singles, virtual love beats the real thing. It is something that interests them and keeps them company. The country has developed a multi-million dollar virtual romance industry which highly reflects the country’s growing number of people who don’t have partners.

    Falling in love with fictional characters has become somewhat of a norm. There are many lonely men out there who keep on wooing girlfriends who don’t exist, for they can actually get the response they want from them. Virtual girlfriends have since been one of the biggest gaming phenomena in the country.

    Blue Leaf Cafe’s Promotion

    In relation to the growing number of lonely men in Japan, Blue Leaf Cafe, which is located in the city of Sendai, will be promoting its augmented virtual reality girlfriend in the character of Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku is the first Japanese Vocaloid superstar developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media Inc. She is so popular in Japan that she even appears on billboards and TV commercials. This Vocaloid celebrity will have a new iteration of augmented reality program through a number of special smartphones on July 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, and 17 2017 at the Blue Leaf Cafe.

    It is going to be a dream date for those fans who are hooked on her. This will give them the chance to have a chat with Hatsune Miku while drinking and eating delicious food. People who are interested in having a date with her must register in advance. Apart from these, the cafe will also be serving Miku-themed goodies such as the Miku sandwich with pastrami and refreshing pickled green onions at 900 yen. The cafe’s opening time is 10:00am and it closes at 8:00pm. The event is also being held in commemoration with the star’s 10th-anniversary debut.

    If you’d like to spend some time with this virtual idol, head to the Blue Leaf Cafe for that augmented-reality date! The next time you eat out alone, you won’t be feeling lonely anymore. Hatsune Miku will be there to keep you company throughout your meal!

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