Journal Your Adventures in Your Own Traveler’s Notebook From This Japanese Shop!

  • “Spend each and every day like you are on a journey.” – TRAVELER’S FACTORY motto

    Collecting memories from our travels come in handy when we want to reminisce and think of happy thoughts. For some, this means taking photos, sharing them on social media, and even writing about their experience on travel websites.

    However, there are also some who prefer the simple act of journaling to record their amazing adventures. If this is your thing, then dropping by the TRAVELER’S FACTORY in Nakameguro is your first step to creating your own travel journal complete with all the stamps, stationery, and other accessories you wish to include in your entries!


    TRAVELER’S FACTORY started its operation in March 2006 and has since then become popular for selling top-of-the-line stationery among locals and foreign travelers alike. They also sell bags, accessories, and their TRAVELER’S notebook which is highly popular even among buyers who are yet to embark on their very first journey.

    TRAVELER’S FACTORY currently has three operational branches: one in Nakameguro, one at Narita Airport Terminal 1, and one at GRANSTA MARUNOUCHI of Tokyo Station which just recently opened in April 2017. By expanding the distribution of the company’s goods, they also increase the chance of reaching more tourists who wish to start journaling their travel ventures both in and out of the country.

    Design Your Own TRAVELER’S Notebook

    The popular TRAVELER’S notebook sold at the TRAVELER’S FACTORY is produced by MIDORI, the main subsidiary of the stationery manufacturer, Designphil Inc. It is refillable and has a leather cover, efficient for protecting the notebook’s interior. The overall design of the notebook is simple, which works well with the idea of something handy and easy to carry while touring around various places.

    To maximize the idea of owning your journeys, the branch at Nakameguro allows customers to design their own notebooks on the first floor of the building. There is also a section on the same floor that sells filtered coffee for anyone who wants to design their notebook while enjoying the taste of caffeine. You can choose from a selection of various notebook refill designs, stationery, stamps, and other accessories you want to include in the pages of your journal.

    Explore TRAVELER’S FACTORY’s Interior

    Contrary to the typical stationery or writing supply shops you see in most places, the interior of TRAVELER’S FACTORY is characterized by a rather rustic ambiance combined with an air of warmth and personal touch.

    The inside kind of resembles a secret base because of its exclusive look. Incandescent lamps are used as lighting to add a unique atmosphere to the place. As you move around the shop, you will see other displays such as writing paraphernalia, accessory cases, and bags that are not only suitable for travels but also for day-to-day use.

    When traveling, you meet new people, learn different cultures, and taste exquisite delicacies on the way. And how else can you best remember these experiences than by writing them down? So the next time you visit Japan, don’t forget to drop by a TRAVELER’S FACTORY branch and grab your very own TRAVELER’S notebook!

    TRAVELER’S FACTORY Website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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