Have you Heard of the Farm-to-Table Concept in Japanese Eateries?

  • With the concurrently changing attitude towards food safety, food freshness and food seasonality, the farm-to-table concept was adapted by restaurants around the world. It allows them to establish a direct acquisition of food from producers in order to serve fresh local food. This concept is still new in Japan but it can already be felt in the Tokyo. Two of the capital city’s eateries are supplying the people with more than just trendy cuisine. Let’s take a closer look at the farm-to-table concept ready to set a new trend.

    What is the Farm-to-Table Concept?

    People who practice the farm-to-table concept are aware of the situation where scarcity of fresh local ingredients happens when items are shipped from afar. These shipped ingredients often result in poor nutritional integrity and poor flavor. This greatly affects the customers’ opinion on the restaurant as well as their health. The need to have a locavore approach becomes a necessity in this sense. This is the reason why the farm-to-table concept has been rapidly growing. The number of restaurants adopting this concept has grown over recent years in Japan, particularly in Tokyo. Some of them are establishing contracts with growers so they can directly obtain their produce. Others establish their own farms so they can reduce the number of miles food travels, serving fresh seasonal food and supporting local farming. Here are two farm-to-table eateries in Tokyo.

    1. We Are the Farm

    There are two companies in the capital city who are striving to source produce from their own farm. One of these is We are the Farm which is the epitome of farm-to-table concept. The two We Are the Farm restaurants in Tokyo focus on fresh seasonal organic ingredients without the use of pesticides in order to bring out the food’s natural flavor. Although this is not purely a vegetarian place, its emphasis is on vegetables.

    The restaurant is headed by Takuya Terao who is also the head farmer. He wanted to change people’s thinking of farming as something not cool. He studied organic farming for seven years where he learned a great deal of farming knowledge. His restaurant focuses on the significance of all vegetable’s parts from leaf to stem to flowers.

    There are two branches, but we will introduce one of them here.
    We Are the Farm Website
    We Are the Farm Ebisu Branch Access

    2. Noz By T.Y. Farm

    Another eatery using a similar concept is Noz By T.Y. Farm. This is a casual restaurant which features organic and gluten-free dishes from fresh, locally grown and seasonal vegetables. The place is popular for the health-conscious. The main focus of the restaurant is on Western vegetables such as kale, Italian parsley, coriander as well as some Edo-period produce. They are primarily targeting people who care about the future of food. They get to choose from refreshing lunch and dinner menus such as grain salad and beet green salad. You can pair your food up with organic wine or kale-infused beer.

    Noz by T.Y. Farm Website
    Noz by T.Y. Farm Access

    The farm-to-table concept is still new in Japan but is showing the potential to become very popular in the near future. It gives way to the possibility of cultivating the agricultural area in an urban setting. It provides an advantageous way of using only organic methods and open-pollinated seeds. In this way, restaurants do not only provide the freshest ingredients but also serve as an inspiration to future farmers.

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