Like the Idea of Work, Nap, and Beer? Check Out This New Coworking Space in Kyoto!

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  • Have you ever longed for a space other than your office and home where you can get some work done? Somehow, going to another place to do your work gives you more motivation and clarity of mind. Being in the office may feel very routinary and confining so your creativity may not shine; while you may feel too comfortable and lazy to work at home as you associate it with a place of rest. Thus, you may wish to seek a new place where you cannot only do your work with others but also take a nap to recuperate and drink some beer to release tension.

    Here’s the good news! There will be a new coworking space in Kyoto that will allow you to do all that! This new space is actually an uptown hotel which has an ambiance that kindles creativity and has a well-designed workspace. The hotel is called andwork Kyoto and is set to open in July 2017.

    andwork Kyoto

    The tagline of this hip hotel is, “Work, nap, work, beer,” which is very readily understood. The concept behind andwork Kyoto was inspired by lifestyle hotels located in Portland and New York City. The hotel intends to create a place for creative individuals, such as designers and artists, to gather and interact. Thus, the hotel describes itself as a social apartment. This is where creative people can exchange ideas, meet new people, and work together on a project. andwork Kyoto will be welcoming 150 guests every day, which makes a total of about 50,000 guests a year.

    As beer is one of the common social drinks, andwork Kyoto provides free-flow beer during Happy Hours. Coffee is also available to wake you up and make you less tired so you are able to focus on your work.

    andwork Kyoto’s lobby is huge and furnished with work benches. In addition, there are meeting rooms for more private group discussions. Aside from that, there are also dining areas, guest rooms where you can take a nap, and an open-access kitchen.

    One unique key point of this coworking space by andwork Kyoto is that it will be opened 24/7/365, complete with front desk services. This is great because creative individuals tend to have greater ideas in the wee hours of the morning. There is also a membership program where members can enjoy various benefits such as free beer, morning coffee, and access to showers and naps during the daytime.

    The idea of coworking spaces is growing in popularity in Japan. One of the main reasons for this is the increase in rent. Besides that, I think modern people just want to try something hip and new instead of the traditional work system.

    andwork Website *Japanese only

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