The Colorful Asakusa Samba Festival

  • If you are in Tokyo, you must have visited Asakusa where you can find the Skytree and other major attractions. You also might have heard about the Samba Festival when you were there. Asakusa Samba Festival is organized every year in the Summer in August. It is similar to the Rio Carnival and it is a street dance-march with beautiful women mostly from Brazil and Japan. The women would form teams with a lead dancer called “Rainha de Bateria” means “The Queen of Drums”.

    Japan and Brazil relations

    Japan Square, Curtiba, Brazil
    Asakusa Samba Festival 2

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    Many of you might not know this, but Brazil is the home for the largest Japanese community outside of Japan, approximately 2 million people of Japanese origin. The history dates back to the early 20th century where thousands of Japanese migrated to America searching for good fortune. They faced many problems getting integrated into the South American community in the beginning and suffered a lot from prejudices. After Japan became the richest country in the world in the late 70s, Japanese Brazilians have started to enjoy a great deal of assimilations, recognition and belonging. To improve the cultural relation between Japan and Brazil, events such as the Samba festival are organized in the Summer.

    When and Where does it happen in Asakusa?

    It happens mostly in the afternoon from 13:00 pm to 18:00 pm on 29th August as a procession around the Sensoji area. There is no fee to visit. The festival attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world and it would be very crowded.

    Upcoming Festival in August, 2015

    So, find some time in August to visit this most acclaimed summer festival in Japan. Do not miss it. Cheers!

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