Want to Avoid Maid Cafes? Here Are 5 Cafes to Visit in Akihabara Instead

  • When you Google “cafes in Akihabara,” most of the search results will show articles recommending the best maid cafes that you should visit. Japan has been quite known for its maid cafes and tourists have shared that it is something one should experience at least once in their lives. But what if you are not interested in maid cafes? Don’t worry, this article has got you covered! Aside from maid cafes, there are other types of cafes to visit in Akihabara. Read on to find out five of them!

    1. GUNDAM Café

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    Arguably one of the most popular cafes in Akihabara, GUNDAM Café is a themed restaurant that is heaven for everyone, not just Gundam fans. It is quite near Akihabara Station and is usually packed, even on weekdays.

    Their menu offerings are standard, but they also offer some Gundam-themed food. As with other themed cafes, you will see that there are lots of Gundam-related things scattered throughout the place.

    GUNDAM Café Website

    2. AKB48 Cafe & Shop

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    The AKB48 Cafe & Shop is home to the very famous female Japanese idol group, AKB48. The group was created and produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Akimoto’s concept was to create a theater-based group that fans can always visit and watch the girls perform live daily.

    The cafe boasts a grand menu that contains the favorites of the AKB48 members. An example of which is the “GuguTasu Menu,” which features food inspired by dishes that AKB48 members enjoy at home. The cafe also has an official shop where you can buy various AKB48 merchandise.

    AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara Website

    3. Cat Cafe MoCHA

    For humans out there who are in need of some animal interaction after a day of battling the crowds in Akihabara, you can visit Cat Cafe MoCHA. This particular branch is tourist-friendly as there are English translations of their menu and house rules. Since they are located in Akihabara and wanted to match the location, they have a selection of manga you can read and even a game corner you can play at.

    Cat Cafe MoCHA Website *Japanese only

    4. Cafe ASAN

    “ASAN” stands for “Asian Animation.” Cafe ASAN is a unique cafe that offers hammock-style seats, free Wi-Fi, and electric outlets for digital devices. This cafe’s purpose is to be a place where people can share their love for anime. The interior is not heavily anime-inspired but rather modernly stylish. You can find manga and anime merchandise in bookshelves all over the cafe. Aside from the free Wi-Fi, they also have iPads that customers can use for free.

    Cafe ASAN Website *Japanese only

    5. GOOD SMILE x animate cafe

    The GOOD SMILE x animate cafe is famous for its collaborations with different anime series. All of the collaborations offer a menu based on the series and there are also lots of merchandise for sale. The collaborations in this cafe have a limited run and changes regularly. To know which series is currently being hosted, and to reserve and purchase your tickets, you can check their official website.

    GOOD SMILE x animate cafe Akihabara Website *Japanese only

    Maid cafes are some of the popular places to visit in Akihabara but the area has a lot more to offer. I hope this article can help you take a break from maid cafes and get to know Akihabara more!

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