You Can Now Stay Connected in the Air With JAL’s Free In-Flight Internet Service!

  • Japan Airlines (JAL) is the second largest airlines in Japan. It first introduced in-flight Wi-Fi in 2014 and has since then equipped its domestic aircraft with the service. This in-flight connectivity service allows passengers to stay connected onboard, which is considered convenient and the latest travel style. Let’s find out more about it!

    The Wi-Fi Campaign

    JAL started its free 15-minute in-flight Wi-Fi campaign in 2016. It gave customers traveling through domestic flights access to the Internet with the use of their own Wi-Fi devices. The campaign started with only 62 domestic aircraft, but as of 2017, a total of 77 domestic aircraft have already been equipped with the in-flight Wi-Fi system.

    Extension of the Free In-Flight Internet Service

    Since the free in-flight Wi-Fi campaign became a huge success, it resulted in an extension and finally an upgrade from 15 minutes of free Internet to a completely free service with no time limit. This is going to be available on all applicable domestic routes of JAL and JTA (Japan Transocean Air) until August 31, 2017.

    How to Connect

    You only have to follow these five steps in order to connect to the Wi-Fi onboard:

    1. Create a Gogo user account (Japanese only) before you board the plane since the Internet service is provided by Gogo LLC. You can also sign up in-flight.
    2. If you already have an account, make sure to check or change your registered information.
    3. Connect to the “gogoinflight” Wi-Fi network.
    4. By this time, you can already open a browser.
    5. A “FREE” button will appear on the Wi-Fi portal page so you have to select this.

    And voila! You’re connected. The in-flight Internet service will allow you to browse the web or check your emails during your flight. A video streaming program is also available and you can check the real-time status of your flight through the Flight Map.

    Take Note

    Do remember that the Internet service will only be available five minutes after take-off and until five minutes before landing. Also, in bad weather conditions, the service might be unavailable or interrupted. The connection may also become weak or unstable because the in-flight Wi-Fi relies on the use of the communication satellite. Downloading or uploading data may take longer than what you’re accustomed to; and with the heavy number of users, it can also be difficult to establish a connection.

    Travel in style by staying connected at all times with JAL. Make your travel a fun and convenient one with this convenient in-flight service. Be able to send and receive email, watch your favorite video programs, and check the status of your flight while in the air. Take note that this service is not available on international flights. Have fun traveling!

    Free Wi-Fi on JAL Domestic Flights Website

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