Sprint Like a Saiyan at the Dragon Ball Fun Run Events in Japan This 2017!

  • Summer in Japan is not the most favorable season to go running or jogging outdoors. Most people spend their time doing indoor activities in order to avoid the summer heat. But don’t worry about missing the outdoors as the autumn season right after summer will provide you with a better opportunity. During early September 2017, two Dragon Ball fun run events will be held near Tokyo and near Nagoya. This is a great chance for you to run together with your fellow Dragon Ball fans in the name of fun!

    Fun Run Events in Japan

    Autumn and spring are good seasons for running in Japan. Several marathons and fun run events are held at these times with a mission to bring people closer together. These events are accessible and are great opportunities to create memorable experiences. They are also sometimes themed depending on their purpose.

    Running events vary from serious marathons to fun runs for casual joggers. An example of a more serious marathon is the Tokyo Marathon which is an annual event in Japan sponsored by Tokyo Metro, a rapid transit system in Tokyo. These well-organized races, most of the time, take place in touristy sites. Some of them may be just for locals, while others target foreigners. Japan’s running events are unique and unlike any other in the world.

    Dragon Ball Run

    It was recently announced by Toei Animation that they will be holding a fun run event for Dragon Ball fans this September 2017. One will be held at Chiba’s Makuhari Seaside Park on September 10, 2017, while the other one will be at Aichi Rinku Beach on September 23, 2017. These events will allow participants to run a three-kilometer course in orange outfits same as Goku’s, which will be given to them prior to the run. These will also serve as a cosplay opportunity for huge fans.

    One interesting thing about these fun runs is that participants will have the chance to collect the seven magical Dragon Balls in order to receive a special gift. So if you’re not just after the fun and would love to compete against your fellow runners, then might as well go for it.

    Dragon Ball voice actors and singers will also be present during the events so if you want to see the people dubbing behind your favorite characters, this is a great opportunity for you.

    Tickets are now available at 3,800 yen for children and 6,800 yen for adults. You can also avail of a special parent-child ticket for 9,800 yen. If you’d like to know more details, please visit the official Dragon Ball Run event site linked below.

    Don’t forget to add this fun run event to your autumn activity list. Your destination might be located next to the cities where these events will be held. Join the fun and sprint like a Saiyan to stay fit and healthy! The Dragon Ball Run is great for all ages, kids and adults alike.

    Dragon Ball Run Website *Japanese only
    Access: Makuhari Seaside Park / Rinku Beach