In Need of a Relaxing Bath? Try These 3 Interesting Bath Bombs From Japan!

  • Had a rough day at work and in need of a relaxing bath? If you find regular baths too boring, you can always use bath bombs. Bath bombs are hard-packed spherical mixtures that fizz in water. They help you relax as they add color, bubbles, aroma, and essential oils to your bath, making your skin and body feel more rejuvenated. There are many different kinds of bath bombs available in the market, but have you tried these three interesting Japanese ones yet?

    1. Babu (Bub)

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    Kao Corporation of Japan produces small bath bombs which are actually quite popular among the Japanese public called “Babu” or “Bub.” It is usually the size of a tablet and comes in attractive packaging. You can buy them at any supermarket near you in Japan, take them home, and enjoy a nice and fizzy bath. These bath bombs contain carbon dioxide which increases your blood circulation and helps you maintain the right body temperature. If you are an insomniac or struggling with any ailments, it is a good idea to take a “babu” (bub) bath before sleeping.

    2. Daiso’s Surprise Bath Bombs

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    Daiso, as you might have already known, is a very famous low-cost chain store that sells various goods in Japan, including bath bombs of different shapes and sizes.

    One of the products they offer is their “surprise bath bombs.” Its intention is mainly to encourage kids to take a bath, but everybody can use them, including adults. To make your bathing experience even more fun, Daiso has included a small toy inside every bath bomb (surprise!) which you can get once the bomb effervesces. You can find figures of popular Japanese characters such as Pikachu, Doraemon, Rilakkuma, etc. inside the bath bombs. This is a great way to make kids take a bath after they get back from school every day.

    To see how a Daiso surprise bath bomb works, you can watch this video.

    You can also buy a set of bath bombs which come in different colors at any Daiso store near you. Each one has a different scent so you can have a different experience every time you take a bath.

    3. DIY Bath Bomb

    It is actually very easy to make your own bath bombs at home. All you need is a bath bomb maker, baking soda, citric acid, and perfume oils. You can buy citric acid online from websites such as Rakuten, Amazon, and eBay. All you have to do is mix all the dry ingredients inside the bath bomb maker and voila, in just a few seconds, you have yourself a bath bomb. You can even add your own toy as a surprise for your kids! DIY bath bombs make for a great present to give to anyone.

    Enjoy the luxury of an aromatic and relaxing bath bomb experience in the convenience of your own bathtub instead of visiting a spa. Japanese summer can be more bearable if you take a bath with these bath bombs. The prices are reasonable too, so get your hands on them as soon as you can!

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