See the World’s Famous Architectural Structures at This Theme Park in Japan!

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  • Do you dream of seeing the famous architectural wonders of the world but the money in the bank doesn’t seem enough to fulfill that dream? Why not drop by Tobu World Square theme park instead? Get a chance to see 102 skillfully reproduced miniature versions of architectural structures from 21 countries, including 46 World Heritage Sites!

    Tobu World Square

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    Tobu World Square is an exquisite world created at a 1/25 scale which won’t disappoint you. Little residents with remarkable individualities will surely make you say that the theme park creators really put their heart into building this park.

    There are six zones you can enjoy. These are the Modern Japan zone, the America Zone, the Egypt Zone, the Europe Zone, the Asia Zone, and the Japan Zone. Modern Japan is the starting point of your journey. There is quite a bit of walking involved, so it is recommended you wear comfortable shoes. Guided tours are available, but sadly right now it’s only available in Japanese. There are also binocular and audio guide rentals available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean that could optimize your tour.

    Play cards are also available with an additional fee of 1000 yen. 15 points are received in a card that can be used to make figurines sing, dance, and parade for you in 15 of the locations.

    The park is also child-friendly; small children might not be able to appreciate the educational tour as much but they can have a blast in the park’s kids’ rooms. The facilities are also equipped with nursing rooms and baby beds for changing diapers. Baby strollers can also be borrowed free of charge! It’s the same with elderly and disabled visitors; wheelchairs are also available for free.

    The park is open 365 days a year, usually from 9:00am to 5:00pm. However, from December 1st to March 19th, the time changes to 9:30am to 4:00pm. Admittance to the park is until one hour before closing time.


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    The Diet Building in Tokyo
    The model of Tokyo’s Diet Building has small trees around the building and even small politicians on the stairs. At first glance at a picture of this structure, you might not even think that it’s a replica with the lush of trees in the background.

    Tokyo Dome
    If you’ve been to Tokyo Dome during an event, you’ll appreciate the accuracy of the bustling, energetic crowd in the replica.

    Tombs of Egypt
    If you visit this park in summer, the blazing sun might make it feel like you really are on the sand dunes in Egypt.

    The Colosseum in Italy
    Every angle of the architectural structures is remarkably detailed that you don’t need much effort in taking good photographs of this impressive structure.

    The Great Wall of China
    If you took a photo of this structure, how many people could you fool into thinking you’d visited the real thing?

    Ticket prices

    Adults (tickets bought at the door): 2800 yen
    Children (tickets bought at the door): 1400 yen

    Adults (tickets bought in advance): 2500 yen
    Children (tickets bought in advance): 1200 yen

    If you’re staying in nearby hotels, there might be cheaper packages available for the tickets, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

    Food and Dining

    No outside food or drink is permitted inside the park, but visitors who bring their own lunch may enjoy them in the picnic garden. There is also a wide array of food shops and restaurants inside the park. Here are a few of the restaurants on site.

    • Nikko Yuba “Heian” Restaurant serving Japanese set meals.
    • “World”, an ideal place for family dining. Enjoy western style dishes in this spacious cafeteria.
    • “Carnival”, a ramen restaurant inside the park where you can enjoy slurping some of your favorite Chinese noodles, Utsunomiya gyoza, or Chinese dumplings. In summer, you can also enjoy cold ramen, coffee, tea, and ice cream.
    • “Sphinx”, a cafe to take a break. They serve ice cream, crushed ice, coffee, tea, and other drinks.
    • “Convention House”, great for large groups. Japanese, Western, and Chinese-style buffet and lunch boxes are available here. Reservation required.

    The park also has illuminations during events and from autumn to winter. If you’re planning to spend some time with that special someone, this might just be the right place to go. And don’t forget about the souvenirs! Find the perfect item for family and friends in Mercado I and Mercado II that offers a wide arrange of gifts from candies to local sake or alcohol. The shops even offer exclusive Tobu world square goods and DVDs.

    The park is accessible by bus and taxi, and after July 22nd, the brand new Tobu World Square Station will be available, too. See some splendid miniature structures of famous buildings from around the world at this unique park in Japan! Don’t forget your camera!

    Tobu World Square website