Beat the Summer Heat With These 6 Unique Flavors of Shaved Ice From MINISTOP Japan

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  • As Japan’s summer temperatures seem to be getting higher, recently ranging from 30 to 34 degrees Celsius, iced refreshments are becoming popular and in demand this time of the year. Restaurants, food stalls, and convenience stores offer different kinds of delicious frozen treats and iced drinks to quench your thirst and help you cool down during this season. If you are looking for a delicious summer treat, check out MINISTOP’s seasonal offering!


    MINISTOP has thousands of convenience store outlets all throughout Japan. The company started its operation in 1980 with its first store in Yokohama, and a few years later, their stores expanded to different prefectures in Japan. They also have branches in other countries in Asia.

    HALOHALO Cold Sweets

    “Halo-halo” is a popular summer refreshment in the Philippines which literally translates to “mix-mix.” It’s a shaved ice refreshment with milk and mixed various ingredients like fruits, beans, coconut, tubers, and jellies. MINISTOP Japan adopted this delicious Filipino treat and made their own version for Japanese and foreign consumers. They offer six different halo-halo flavors which you can enjoy from 270 yen to 320 yen only.

    1. Kajitsu Koori Ichigo (果実氷いちご)

    This halo-halo treat is made from slices of frozen strawberries dipped in condensed milk and topped with vanilla soft cream. If you love strawberries, this one is recommended for you. This halo-halo is available for only 320 yen.

    2. Suika (すいか)

    “Suika” means “watermelon” in Japanese, and it is one of the popular summer fruits in Japan. This version of halo-halo has cut watermelon, cocoa chips, and vanilla soft cream topped over the shaved ice. You can enjoy this watermelon treat for only 320 yen.

    3. Dodekamin (ドデカミン)

    Dodekamin is a carbonated energy drink manufactured by Asahi in Japan. This drink is filled with 12 different vitamins and minerals: ginseng, royal jelly, guarana, maca, vitamin C, caffeine, arginine, leucine, niacin, isoleucine, valine, and vitamin B6, which makes it a perfect refreshment for summer. Halo-halo Dodekamin can be purchased at 290 yen.

    4. Mitarashi Dango (みたらし団子)

    Mitarashi dango is a sweet snack made from glutinous rice and silken tofu, usually sold on a skewer with sweet soy sauce glaze. This well-loved Japanese snack is also one of MINISTOP’s halo-halo flavors. Enjoy shaved ice topped with soft cream, dango, and sprinkled with nori for only 290 yen.

    5. Ramune (ラムネ)

    Ramune is a carbonated soft drink in Japan which comes in several flavors. It was initially sold in Kobe in its original lemonade flavor, then later, other delicious flavors were added. This drink can now be enjoyed as a halo-halo treat at MINISTOP for 270 yen.

    6. Fruit Annin (フルーツ杏仁)

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    This apricot-flavored halo-halo is available for only 290 yen. A combination of apricot jelly, fruits, and vanilla soft cream – this flavor is definitely a must-try.

    These special summer treats from MINISTOP are a perfect way to cool down this summer season. If you’re visiting Japan soon, don’t forget to drop by one of the MINISTOP stores near you and choose a halo-halo flavor that best suits your taste buds. Whether you are looking for some unique refreshments during your travel or just simply want delicious iced treats, this Japanese-Filipino fusion dessert is definitely worth a try!

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