Grab a 500 Yen Lunch at this Nepalese Restaurant in Tokyo

  • Tokyo is home to many different types of cuisines. Aside from Japanese street food, izakaya pub snacks, and traditional delicacies, restaurants from all over the world have sprung up in cities and towns around the country for several decades and are greatly loved by locals and visitors alike. Popular countries’ foods in Japan include Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and American restaurants. But have you tried authentic Nepalese food before?

    About Nepalese Food

    Nepal borders India and China and is famous for being the home of Mt. Everest. Nepalese food is very similar to Indian, consisting of curries and naan bread, but there are several differences; for instance, Nepal food generally uses more vegetables and doesn’t contain cream or sugar, making it healthier than its Thai, Chinese, and Indian counterparts.

    Cafe&Bar Shanti Gakugeidai

    Cafe&Bar Shanti Gakugeidai is a Nepalese restaurant that opened in Meguro Ward, Tokyo in April 2017. They serve a great selection of curries including chicken, vegetables, korma, and egg. They also have different types of naan breads such as cheese and garlic, various kinds of rice, soups, and dishes from other countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. They also have fresh smoothies and traditional fruit lassi. When you arrive, you’ll be served mineral detox water with a unique taste due to the herbs and fruits soaking in it.

    500 Yen Lunch

    For their special 500 yen lunch bento box, you can choose between a chicken curry or a vegetable curry. The rice is Japanese rice with fifteen types of grain. The deal is for takeout only, but there is also a discounted lunch menu available if you’d prefer to eat inside.

    The 500 yen lunch bento meal is available from 11:00am to 3:00pm from Mondays to Fridays.

    Other Dishes

    What makes Shanti special is that they have a lot of dishes on their menu that can’t be found in many other restaurants. Here are a few of their menu items below that are served all day.

    • Thai dishes: tom yam noodles and phad thai
    • Vietnamese food: pho noodles in broth
    • Chinese/Indonesian dishes such as migoren
    • Dessert naan breads like chocolate and banana, chocolate and cheese

    Their dine-in lunch menu has some great affordable choices, usually consisting of a type of curry and a choice of plain naan or rice. The kid’s choice is 800 yen and includes butter chicken curry, a mini naan, salad, a lassi drink, and a dessert. There is also a lovely selection of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, and champagne. Their refreshing, fresh smoothies are served in glass jars and made to order.

    The staff are very friendly, and the main server can speak English as well as Nepali and Japanese. The restaurant is open from 11:00am to 11:00pm and is just a five-minute walk from Gakugei-Daigaku Station.

    If you’re in Meguro and fancy an affordable and delicious authentic curry, make sure you head to Shanti and grab your 500 yen bento box! This new restaurant is a great place to visit with friends or as a couple any time of day. Sample some authentic Nepal cuisine in the heart of Tokyo.

    Cafe&Bar Shanti Website

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