A Maid Cafe in Akihabara is Now Hiring Foreign Maids!

  • Maid cafes are popular cosplay restaurants where you can find waitresses dressed in maid costumes. It is most common for waitresses in maid cafes to be Japanese, however, this won’t be the case anymore. Sugoi Kawaii, a newly opened maid cafe in Akihabara is currently hiring multinational maids in order to help spread the concept of “moe”, which is an otaku term throughout the world vaguely translating as cute.

    Maid Cafes in Akihabara

    A maid cafe is nothing new in Japan especially in the electric town of Japan, Akihabara. The first maid cafe, Cure Maid Cafe, was established in March 2001. It is still open for business today. Since the concept has become increasingly popular, companies come to think of ways to differentiate themselves from the rest in order to attract customers. An example of this is the At Home Cafe where maids give you a license card called a “Majesty Card” if it’s your first-time visit in the cafe. Another is the Maidreamin Cafe where you need to complete a small ceremony before ordering. The cafe also has a colorful and funky feeling. Pinafore has a lively atmosphere as maids here always wear a smile which matches their cute pink dresses perfectly.

    Sugoi Kawaii Cafe

    Though there are several maid cafes you can find in Akihabara, none of these hire foreigners as maids. This is the reason why the “gaijin” maid cafe called Sugoi Kawaii recently opened, in order to give non-Japanese people the chance to work in a maid cafe. The cafe emphasizes “moe” culture which stresses the idea of being “adorable” and “cute.”

    Working in a maid cafe is probably the perfect job for those who have experienced being waitresses in other countries and who are aged 16-28. As of now, staff have been hired from countries all over the world including Germany, Taiwan, France, Indonesia, Italy, the US and Brazil. If you want to apply, you have to take note of the following entry requirements: name, nickname, country, birth date, height and weight, bust-waist-hip measurement, nearest station and transportation expense, photograph, language, specialty and interests, reason for application and SNS account like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    The cafe is set to use English as its official language. People who can speak several languages will likely have more of an edge on other applicants. The hourly wage is 1,000 yen and they are looking for people to work at least four hours per day, two to four days a week (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). You will be given transportation allowance of up to 700 yen per day and a French maid costume.

    The cafe has an extended menu of alcohol such as beer, wine, rum, brandy, gin, tequila, shochu, vodka, and cocktails. Non-alcoholic beverages include coca-cola, coffee, ginger ale, orange, grapefruit, Redbull, Dr. Pepper, mineral water, etc. The cafe has 30 seats with free Wi-Fi access and power outlets.

    If you are a foreigner living in Japan and think you have all that it takes, get applying for a position as a maid. This multilingual foreigner-friendly maid cafe is sure to make a big difference to maid cafes in the future.

    Sugoi Kawaii Cafe Website

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