Enjoy a Kyoto Journey Tailored to your Needs in this Small Luxury Hotel

  • Junei Hotel Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens West is a traditional hotel with a modern flair that has recently opened in Kyoto. It promises to provide a great stay in an extraordinarily inviting villa. The hotel stands just west of the historical grounds and is luxurious enough to provide plenty of facilities to relax and unwind. The place is designed on the concept of “amenities that enliven the five senses.”

    Junei Hotel Kyoto

    The hotel hopes to stimulate all of the guest’s senses the moment he enters. Every guest’s journey is designed with a truly exceptional experience so that they’ll look forward to coming back.

    The hotel’s aim of enlivening the five senses means that guests’ stay will be filled with every sense of tranquility and joy through specially curated materials. These come in the form of things such as the bathroom with bathtubs made from Shigaraki ceramic and bedding made with the finest mattresses. Once you enter the room, you’ll be greeted with a pleasant, fresh and sensual fragrance.

    The modern Japanese-style rooms are accentuated with luxury touches. The room has healing background music of streaming water and birds chirping made by its original designer. Meal services are catered with hospitality. Guests will also get the chance to have a traditional dining experience right in their rooms.

    The Hotel’s Rooms

    The hotel has a luxurious space with eight guest rooms with authentic interior designs. Rooms are classified as Premium Twin, Deluxe Twin, and Premium Double. Premium Twin Rooms have Shiragaki ceramic baths facing out into the balcony and are equipped with pleasant aroma oils and healing music.

    Deluxe Twin Rooms have semi-open air Shiragaki ceramic baths with views of the inner courtyard. Premium Double Rooms have top class Serta King-sized beds. Room facilities include air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a television, a humidifier with an air purifier, a hairdryer, a coffee maker, a massage machine, tableware, and a hot water dispenser.

    Special Plans

    The hotel is located around 30 minutes from Kyoto Station. It is near tourist locations such as Rurikoin, Heian Jingu, Tofukuji, Priest’s Garden, Daitokuji, Kotoin Sando, Higashiyama, and Sannenzaka. The hotel aims to contribute to tourism in Japan thus it is offering plans in cooperation with local partners. These are the “Breakfast Inclusive Plan” and the “Kimono Dressing Plan.”

    The Breakfast Inclusive Plan will enable guests to enjoy a lovely meal made by a popular caterer while the Kimono Dressing Plan will enable them to stroll around the city in its one-day rental kimono service. Take note that each room is capable of accommodating a maximum of five guests.

    Junei Hotel Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden West is the best place to experience a Kyoto journey tailored to your needs. The place is accessible to walk around a sake brewery, meditate in a temple, or experience a tea ceremony. Treat yourself to a luxurious stay in one of Japan’s most beautiful cities.

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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