This Yakiniku Restaurant in Osaka Offers a Kilogram of Meat for Just 2,030 Yen!

  • When it comes to food, yakiniku (grilled meat) is loved by almost every Japanese and foreigner I know. In fact, in Osaka, you will notice that yakiniku restaurants are as common as convenience stores because they are literally everywhere.

    If you are looking for something to eat while in Osaka, you can never go wrong with the local food. One Japanese food that originated in Osaka is horumonyaki – grilled meat made from pork and beef offal or internal organs. Chef Kitazato Shigeo of a yoshoku restaurant in Osaka made this dish and registered a trademark back in 1940.


    The word “horumon (ホルモン)” is said to be derived from the word “hormone,” which comes from a Greek word meaning “stimulation.” Whatever the connection between the word “hormone” and beef/pork offal still confuses me. However, the closest meaning that makes sense to me is from the Kansai dialect term, “horumon (放る物),” which means “discarded goods.”

    If you are traveling to Osaka and decide to eat dinner in Namba, you won’t have a hard time finding horumonyaki and yakiniku restaurants as there are a lot. However, since they are located in Osaka’s business and prime district, most of them are quite expensive. So where do you go for affordable horumonyaki and yakiniku in Namba? Check out Yakiniku Iwasakijuku Namba!

    Yakiniku Iwasakijuku Namba

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    Namba is the center of Osaka’s Minami (south) area. Shopping arcades, malls, entertainment centers, as well as hundreds of restaurants can be found in the area. For budget-friendly horumonyaki and yakiniku, try visiting the Iwasakijuku restaurant in Namba.

    Iwasakijuku has been serving delicious yet affordable grilled meat to its customers in Osaka for more than 30 years now. Founded in 1980 by Iwasaki Mikinaga, the restaurant continues its commitment to serve domestically produced beef and horumon at a very reasonable price. The company is also a wholesaler of cattle’s meat and offal – the reason why they can afford to sell it in their restaurants at such a low price.

    Their Menu


    On a budget but want something filling and worth your money? How about a kilogram of horumon for just 2,030 yen? This menu includes assorted offal marinated in the restaurant’s special sauce. If you are a group of three or four, this is very affordable and is best with draft beer. There’s also 500 grams of assorted horumon for 1,030 yen if you think you can’t eat an entire kilogram.


    Or, you can opt for the 600-gram mixed beef and horumon yakiniku menu for 1,710 yen. This menu includes 100 grams of beef and 500 grams of horumon. If you want an all-beef yakiniku, try the Yakiniku Moriawase set menu with 380 grams of assorted kinds of beef slices for only 2,130 yen.

    If you don’t fancy assorted horumon, you can order any of the following instead:

    • shocho (小腸) – small intestine
    • shima cho (しま腸) – striped large intestine, soft part with fat
    • ueharami (上ハラミ) – meat from cattle’s diaphragm
    • shio tan (塩タン) – cattle’s tounge in salt
    • tetchan (テッチャン) – large intestine
    • akasen (赤セン) – beef tripe
    • beef liver
    • sandomino (サンドミノ) – cattle’s first stomach
    • tsurami (ツラミ) – cattle’s cheek meat
    • tailyaki (テール焼き) – beef’s tail part
    • tan (タン) – beef tongue
    • hachinosu (ハチノス) – beef’s second stomach
    • yakisenmai (焼き千枚) – beef’s third stomach
    • necktie (ネクタイ) – meat from neck part
    • heart (ハート)

    As for their beef menu, they serve delicious wagyu beef from 430 yen to 1,530 yen. They also serve rice, soup, and side dishes. Speaking of side dish, I love their kimchi, namuru moriawase (seasoned beansprout, radish, cinnamon fern, and spinach), and negi (onion) salad which has a distinct and mildly spicy taste.

    Iwasakijuku has nine restaurants in Osaka alone, so you can try to visit its other branches in case you are not in the Namba area.

    Can’t read Japanese? Don’t worry as they have an English menu. You just have to request one if the menu on your table is in Japanese.

    When traveling on a budget, we mostly look for affordable food that will fill our tummy. Sometimes when looking for an inexpensive restaurant, the taste and the quality of ingredients are somehow compromised, and you end up unsatisfied with your meal. So if you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly restaurant in Osaka, try Iwasakijuku in Namba!

    Yakiniku Iwasakijuku Namba Website

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