Minimalist Brand MUJI Will Be Opening Its First Hotel in Tokyo! Check It Out!

  • MUJI, also known as Mujirushi Ryohin, a popular minimalist retailer in Japan, has recently announced that it will open its first-ever hotel at the Marronnier Gate Ginza complex in the spring of 2019. The hotel’s furnishing will be based on the company’s product designs. This is going to be a standard accommodation, unlike the one-off, live-for-free MUJI houses, so guests will have to pay for their stay. Let’s check out the details below!


    MUJI is a popular Japanese retail company that sells household and consumer goods. They are known for embracing the concept of “minimalism” in their design, and their products come in minimalist colors and packaging styles. They put emphasis on low-cost items and recycling of materials. From this idea, they’ve become so successful that they’ve expanded around the globe.

    Furthermore, the company is popular for releasing tiny huts for people who are looking for an extremely minimalist form of living. They also built a prototype house in Kanagawa which was occupied for free for two years. The winners were chosen based on an application process. Both of these projects by MUJI were visually stunning and received positive feedback from various customers. These also paved the way for the company’s popularity increase worldwide.

    The MUJI Hotel

    For the first time in history, MUJI will be opening a hotel in one of Tokyo’s shopping districts – Ginza. They have also recently announced that they will be opening a hotel in China.

    The proposed MUJI Hotel will be featuring rooms with simple yet sophisticated designs, furnished with MUJI furniture and amenities. It will be operated by Tokyo-based UDS Ltd., which is a unit of Odakyu Electric Railway Co. This plan will be jointly developed by Mitsui Fudosan and Yomiuri Shimbun as part of the 10-storey Marronnier Gate Ginza complex.

    Floors 1 to 6 are planned to be turned into the largest MUJI flagship store, while floors 7 to 10 will be the MUJI Hotel. There will also be shops and restaurants to be opened in the area. The hotel site is said to be previously occupied by the Printemps Ginza department store which has recently closed.

    Accommodation prices for the MUJI Hotel will be announced once spring 2019 gets closer, but expect them to come at reasonable costs which the company is known for. Further details about the hotel will be announced once its opening comes near.

    MUJI’s upcoming hotel business seems like a natural evolution. This is definitely going to be people’s home away from home, especially those who love neat spaces and designs. Rather than purchasing all of MUJI’s items and arranging them at home, it would be a fantastic idea to stay in the MUJI Hotel instead. It is believed that the hotel opening will help MUJI win more fans around the globe, especially those who’d be staying in Japan for the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    MUJI Website

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