Heard of Japanese Transparent Potato Chips? Here’s How to Make Them at Home!

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  • There are Japanese companies such as Calbee which have made normal potato chips interesting by coming up with unusual flavors like salt and lemon peel, plum, KFC, etc. Have you already tried all of these available types and looking for something even more unique? Forget the flavor, have you seen strange-looking potato chips? No, we are not talking about the shape, but the translucence! Yes, you have read it correctly. Apparently, transparent potato chips aka “skeleton chips” are now a thing in Japan. Check it out and find out how to make them yourself!


    In Japan, everything is more unique and funky, and potato chips are no exception. Companies such as Calbee, Frito-Lay, and Yamayoshi are some of the snack brands that are coming up with unique flavored potato chips every now and then that creates a lot of buzz.

    You might have heard about the ‘wasa-beef’ potato chips by Yamayoshi which made it to the news and attracted a lot of wasabi and beef lovers. Now, they are taking it to another level by making probably the world’s first-ever commercially sold transparent chips. Born in 1953, Yamayoshi Seika Kk has been manufacturing tasty and unique snacks for its consumers, and even exporting them from Japan to different parts of the world. It has been competing with other famous snack brands such as Calbee, Lay’s, and Pringles.

    The Inspiration

    Can you imagine how cool it is to have everything we use in our daily lives transparent? There are people who come up with ideas of transparent gadgets, accessories, and even food items such as Coca-Cola. The inspiration for these certainly comes from the nature around us. There are many things known to us that are transparent such as the clear water, crystals, glass, etc. There is also the skeleton flower (Diphylleia grayi), which is native to Japan and the US, that becomes completely translucent when it comes in contact with water.

    You are probably thinking that these transparent potato chips are made using special chemicals or something like that. They are actually just made with potatoes, but in a unique way, which we are going to learn in the next paragraph. They are crispy and they taste just like any other potato chips you have tried before.

    How to Make Them

    The company, Yamayoshi, has released a video, which has been circulating for a while on the Internet, showing how to make this unique potato chip that is almost as clear as water.

    1. Steam a few potato slices.
    2. Take them out and put them in a bottle. Add potato starch and a lot of water to it.
    3. Add the required amount of salt and oil, and mix them all together using a juicer.
    4. Boil the resultant liquid in an empty pan until it becomes thick and translucent.
    5. Pour the thick sauce into a potato chip mold and bake them at 100 degrees Celsius for about six hours until they get super crispy.
    6. You can fry them a little bit more and add salt and/or pepper according to your preferred taste.

    Now that you know its recipe, would you rather buy a packet of these Japanese transparent potato chips by Yamayoshi from a store, or make it yourself at home with an oven? Either way, these chips look interesting, don’t they?

    Yamayoshi Seika Website *Japanese only