Are You a Yuri!!! on Ice Fan? Check Out This New Collaboration Event in Kyushu!

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  • Yuri!!! on Ice is an animated series produced by MAPPA that aired from October to December 2016. With a total of twelve episodes, the series is primarily about figure skating as a sport and focuses on the story of Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki. Since its airing, the series has grown in popularity. The support and following for the series has been really huge not only in Japan but outside the country as well.

    To date, Yuri!!! on Ice enjoys a continuous production of various merchandise ranging from small items such as keychains, plush toys, and figurines to household items such as towels and bed covers. There have also been countless collaborations with stores, brands, and cafés leading to the creation of more limited-edition goods for the series. A film has also been announced and is currently in production.

    Saga on Ice

    Early in 2017, Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture, which was the setting of Yuri!!! on Ice and dubbed as Hasetsu City in the series, launched Saga on Ice. In the anime, Yuri Katsuki was born and raised in Hasetsu and the early episodes of the series featured a lot of real-life locations based from Karatsu. Some of these locations include Karatsu Station, Karatsu Castle, and the Kagamiyama Onsen.

    An anime pilgrimage map featuring these and other locations as they are seen in Yuri!!! on Ice was made available during Saga on Ice. Original goods, Yuri!!! on Ice themed food, and local specialty products were also produced during the two-month run of Saga on Ice. This first collaboration welcomed over 20,000 visitors from 27 countries worldwide to this tourism promotion and anime pilgrimage. The Karatsu City mayor attended the Yuri!!! on Ice Festival held in Tokyo in July 2017 to thank the animation staff members for the contributions they had made to the city.

    Saga on Ice 2

    This July, the city announced the launch of Saga on Ice 2 starting in September 2017! There are three main reasons why you should visit Karatsu during this period from September 1st to November 30th 2017.

    Firstly, expect original and exclusive Yuri!!! on Ice goods on sale. This merchandise is usually hard to come by and will rise in price after the campaign period. Secondly, the Karatsu Castle tower, which was closed from October 2016 for maintenance, was reopened in July so you can now visit it during Saga on Ice 2! Karatsu Castle, also known as Maizuru Castle, is a popular sightseeing spot and an important historical symbol for Karatsu City. Thirdly and lastly, you can also experience the Karatsu Kunchi Festival! Held at the Karatsu Shrine from November 2nd-4th each year, Karatsu Kunchi Festival is one of the major autumn festivals in Kyushu.

    Get the chance to take part in the Yuri!!! on Ice collaboration and enjoy Karatsu City’s traditional Kunchi Festival while you’re at it! Experience love and life at Karatsu City with Saga on Ice 2.

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