Look and Feel Great in the Morning at these New Style of Barber Shops in Japan

  • People who live the busy city sometimes opt for an elevated form of lifestyle. When it comes to having a haircut, nothing beats a barber shop with multiple services in one. This is becoming a huge trend these days, especially in popular cities around the world such as New York and London. This recent global trend is going to be adapted in Japan soon. Around 28 barbershops in the country have teamed up for the “Barbers Project” in order to provide not only shaving and hair styling services but also coffee and great conversation.

    Barber Shops with Multiple Services

    Barber shops in Japan are quite different from those in other countries. They provide a meticulous way of cutting your hair. Picking a barber shop is quite easy in Japan as they are common in cities and towns. However, barbers providing additional services are not yet common in the country but this trend seems to be growing in other parts of the world.

    Coffee is one of the popular services being offered in combination with barber shops. The coffee and barber shops duo became an answer to the modern, busy lifestyle of metropolitan areas. For the shop, this is a great way to attract many customers who are looking for multiple services in one area. This is also an ideal place for people who like drinking coffee and socializing at the same time. It caters to the man who has limited time yet values incredible service and creates a comfortable space for people who value their time. Most of these shops stress the importance of interaction so customers can feel more welcome to chat.

    About the “Barbers Project”

    In connection with the increasing barber shop trend offering varieties of services in other countries, Japan has finally decided to join the trend. Takuya Yuino is the leader of the “Barbers Project” which aims to provide a unique style of barber shop with a modern twist, allowing customers to start their morning by having their best looks and a happy mood before heading to work.

    The project was launched with the help of 28 barber shops teaming together in order to achieve the mission of expanding this type of shop. The shops have a special offer in the morning called “Morning Barber” which will provide customers coffee in addition to shaving and hair styling for just 500 yen. This is only available from 9:00am to 11:00am. It aims to give the barber shops a new image as being places for not only fashionable men but also for people who want to look and feel good in the morning. This is a great way for customers to know other people and establish new connections through different interactions in the morning. This is believed to become a big contribution to the local communities.

    If you’re always on the go and you value your time then you should definitely head to one of these barber shops. They’ll make sure to pamper you with coffee and a great hairstyle so you feel comfortable before starting your day. If you also value short interactions with people, then this is the place for you. Look wonderful and feel great before facing the busy world!