In Osaka and Not Sure Where to Get Good Beer? Give This Beer Tour a Try!

  • Have you ever headed to a new city and after settling into your hotel and maybe grabbing something to eat, you wonder where you can grab some local booze? Maybe after a long flight or train ride, you’re tired and want to refresh with a beer. This unique tour in Osaka is here to show you local draft beer pubs, recommend good sake, and show you a great night in one of Japan’s coolest cities!

    Bonzai Beer Tours

    Bonzai Beer Tours was started in 2015 by Leo Roybal, an American expat who has a passion for beer and good conversations. After you book, your guide will meet you at the McDonald’s in Hankyu Umeda Station on your desired date and take you on your tour, introducing you to ales, craft beers, spirits, and the best places in the city to get them.


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    There are currently three different tours available. They are all available every day except Tuesdays and involve visiting three bars in Osaka. The guide will recommend beers to you and a tasting is included in each tour. The tasting includes the host’s most recommended beers, and if you’re lucky, you might get to have seasonal samples.

    1. The Walking Tall Tour

    You’ll meet your guide at a station in Osaka and he will take you to three bars. After you tell him what kind of flavors you enjoy, he will recommend delicious local beers and sake. The host can speak Japanese and is a native speaker of English, and will stay with you for a chat. The price for this two-and-a-half-hour tour is 2,500 yen.

    2. The Walking Tall Half Pint Tour

    This tour is the same as the first, except included in the price is half a pint of beer from each bar. If you don’t mind what you drink and you’d like to pay in advance, this would be a good option for you. This tour is also two and a half hours long and costs 5,000 yen.

    3. The Walking Tall Pint Tour

    This tour is the same as the first two, except you’ll get a pint of beer at each bar. This is an excellent choice if you’re planning on drinking a lot of beer and would like to get the payment out of the way before you go.

    All-You-Can-Eat Weekend

    Bonzai Beer Tours also offers a special all-you-can-eat event on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (it’s decided when you book). For 1,500 yen, you can taste recommended beer and eat your fill of American comfort food. One free drink, out of a choice of selected cocktail, beer, or sake, is also included in the price.

    In the past, Bonzai Beer Tours have done lasagna, Philly cheesesteak, and meatballs, and plan to develop this offer further. This event is great if you’re in Osaka as a group or a family, looking to meet new people, and are craving some Western comfort food!

    With this event, you can have the chance to discover cool bars in Umeda, try craft beer and sake, and have a great evening out with someone friendly who knows the area. Next time you’re hanging out in Osaka and fancy a drink, give Bonzai Beer Tours a try!

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