Eliminating Mosquitoes Is Now Easy-Peasy With This New Japanese Device!

  • Japan’s scorching summer season is marked by high humidity and annoying insects. It also seems like mosquitoes go on a biting spree during this time which makes the season less enjoyable. But don’t let this get you down as there are actually several ways to avoid or get rid of these pests. Thanks to “Thanko,” a leading company in crazy gadgetry, it is now easier for you to eliminate mosquitoes and other annoying insects with their “Mosquito Suction and Shock Extermination Stick.” This is good news to those looking forward to spending much of their summertime outdoors.

    Mosquito Control

    There are many ways to avoid mosquitoes. In Japan, a popular way of eliminating mosquitoes and preventing mosquito bites is the use of bug spray and mosquito coil. This especially holds true for outdoor camping.

    The mosquito coil has a long history. It was invented by Eichiro Kamiyama, a graduate of Keio University. The coil serves as a strong repellent against mosquitoes. This is the reason why it has been regularly used by people up to this day.

    Another way of preventing aggressive mosquitoes from biting you is through the mosquito swatter bat which is available in many places. This is a rechargeable equipment that allows you to kill mosquitoes through an electric field. The dead mosquitoes can be found immediately on the net and can be removed anytime. Just make sure that you are not pressing the button once you do this.

    Thanko’s Mosquito Suction and Shock Extermination Stick

    This summer, another way of eliminating mosquitoes has been invented by Thanko Inc., one of the industry leaders in the market of “Helpful Life GADGETS” in Japan. They also provide products abroad such as the USA.

    Thanko’s new device is called the “Mosquito Suction and Shock Extermination Stick.” It was built to suck mosquitoes into the center of the apparatus. The mosquitoes are then killed upon contact with the electric current on the metal grating. Mosquitoes are pulled inwards with the help of a fan which angle can be changed up to 90 degrees – this differentiates it from the mosquito swatter bat that also uses electric current. This device is 73 cm in length but can be extended up to 83 cm. The fan, which is located at the end of the rod, has a diameter of 20 cm. It is quite easy to carry the device as it only weighs 708 grams.

    If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can place your order through Thanko’s website. One device costs 2,480 yen, which is actually cheaper than some mosquito repellents.

    So if you’d like to handle these insect intruders the best way, try Thanko’s Mosquito Suction and Shock Extermination Stick. Better use this device rather than tire yourself trying to kill just one mosquito. This device will also lessen your struggle and will help you enjoy summer to the fullest.

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