Have your Sushi Wheeled to your Doorstep by a Robot in Japan!

  • Robots doing humans’ work may sound strange or unrealistic, but it’s nothing new in Japan. It started with a robot hotel in Nagasaki which uses robots to deliver luggage to guests’ rooms. ZMP Inc., a robotics company in Tokyo, has introduced its newly-invented sushi delivery robot, which is capable of delivering food orders to the doorstep of your home. This is going to be available from August 2017 so if you feel like eating sushi but don’t want to go to a restaurant, you can have it delivered to your home by using these robots instead!

    Delivery Robots Around the World

    Delivery robots didn’t actually originate in Japan. Pioneering robots of this kind started in cities like San Francisco and London. Twenty years ago, this would have been a science-fiction idea, but it has finally become a reality.

    If you happen to be in San Francisco, you may see robots trundling along the city’s sidewalks. In London, autonomous delivery robots started in 2016. These battery-operated machines were designed to function only in designated areas within a two- to three-mile radius. In this situation, the human only intervenes if the robot gets into trouble. In Japan’s case, this trend is just starting.

    Though the country was the first country in the world to introduce a robot-staffed hotel, the idea of delivery robots is relatively new.

    The Sushi Delivery Robots

    In order to make people’s lives more comfortable, ZMP Inc. collaborated with Ride on Express Co. Ltd., a company which is primarily engaged in home delivery of food, in order to come up with a delivery robot designed to deliver customers’ food to their homes. This delivery robot is called the CarriRo Delivery unit and is three feet, or just over 91cm, tall.

    Ride on Express Co. Ltd. delivers cooked food directly from operated restaurants and partnered restaurants. In partnership with ZMP Inc., the company’s connected restaurants will now be able to distribute food to various customers in a short span of time. The invented robot runs at a speed of 6km per hour, or 3.73 miles per hour. Thanks to its bright headlamps, it can carry orders from morning until night.

    It can also carry up to 60 meals, which means it can deliver several orders at one time, thus saving a lot of time and effort. The robots act independently in transporting the orders through public pavements with the help of special sensors and can actually determine which paths are safe. Its actions are controlled and monitored by humans in order to ensure safe delivery as it is still prone to some accidents.

    Instead of spending time walking or commuting your way to your favorite sushi restaurant, why not have your orders wheeled to your doorstep with the help of these cute red machines? It is going to give people a convenient way and a new trend of enjoying sushi! This innovative new product will surely help people out who are unable to leave their homes for one reason or another and promises to be an interesting and useful piece of technology.

    ZMP website

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