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    I guess some of you have already heard the names before, but there are two main cities in Japan: Tokyo and Osaka. Tokyo, situated i the east of Japan, is the biggest city and the capital of Japan. Osaka, situated in the west, is the second biggest city. Sometimes these cities are compared to each other because they might look similar but there are some big differences between them. This article explains more about it.


    Tokyo tower

    In Tokyo, there is a famous tower called “Tokyo tower.” The height is 333 meters and the purpose of it was to send out radio waves for digital TV or radios .When you enter it, you will see some souvenir shops and if you go to the upper floor by elevator, you’ll see a cafe which you can have good view from, and a “club 333” which opens at night. Recently another tower was built in Tokyo called “Tokyo Skytree”, it is built for the almost same purpose, but Tokyo tower still attracts many people. It is really famous and is one of the most popular sightseeing sites in Tokyo.

    Toyko Tower website


    Then how about Osaka? In Osaka, there is a tower called “Tsutenkaku” though somehow it’s not so famous among people who don’t live in Osaka. The height is 103 meters. The purpose of it is to serve as a symbol of Osaka.
    When you enter it, there are also some souvenir shops at the entrance, and if you go to the top floor, it has sort of museum. You can see the history of Tsutenkaku(when it was built, who made it and so on). If you are in Tsutenkaku, I strongly recommend you to stroll around it because there are lots of Osaka food restaurants and it is very delicious.

    Tsutenkaku website



    Japan is really famous for it’s delicious foods around the world, especially sushi. But do you know that the food tastes different in Tokyo and Osaka. For example, when it comes to “udon”(Japanese soup noodle), there is a difference in dashi. In Tokyo, udon soup dashi is usually made from bonito and its color is darker. However in Osaka, dashi is usually made from kombu and its color is lighter. If you have a chance to try them, you should definitely do so. Speaking of famous foods in both areas, the popular Tokyo food is called “monjayaki”, and in Osaka “okonomiyaki” and “takoyaki” are the most popular.


    In Tokyo people speak basic dialect, Japanese called “Kanto-ben” while people in Osaka speak their own unique dialect called “Kansai-ben”. Some people think “Kanto-ben” is softer than “Kansai-ben”.

    Thus, things might look similar to each other, but there are some differences and both of the cities have different charms!

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