A Cafe in Tokyo Serves Sandwiches Made With Cake Instead of Bread! Check It Out!

  • Have you ever heard of “baumkuchen?” It is a popular pastry in Japan which is known for its characteristic rings. It is believed to have originated in Germany and is a famous pastry eaten by European people. Now, imagine slicing pieces of this cake and using them to make sandwiches instead of bread. It may sound weird, but Nenrinya, a cafe in Tokyo, has actually introduced this idea and is successful in creating a delicious harmony. They call it “baumkuchen sandwiches.”

    History of Baumkuchen

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    Baumkuchen is a traditional cake that originated in Germany. Its rings make it look like a tree cake which it is popularly known for.

    This pastry was introduced to Japan by Karl Juchheim, a German confectioner who is considered the “King of German Cakes.” Baumkuchen was originally used as a gift for guests during wedding ceremonies or as a souvenir in some occasions. It was first known as the “pyramid cake” but later on became “baumkuchen,” which means “tree cake” in English. Juchheim’s business now has more than 100 years of history, and the headquarters of his company is located in Kobe.

    Making baumkuchen is quite complicated as it requires a special oven with a cylindrical-shaped core that rolls in order to bake the layers one at a time. The labor is very intensive – probably the reason why the cake costs a lot. A typical baumkuchen is made with 15 to 20 layers of batter.

    Nenrinya’s Baumkuchen Sandwiches

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    Nenrinya is a pastry shop where you can taste and enjoy specialty menus such as baumkuchen. Its cafe at Tokyo Haneda Airport is offering an exclusive menu of baumkuchen sandwiches sold in a three-variety set. Instead of using bread for the classic sandwich mix, a baumkuchen is used to hold the filling. The sandwiches offered in the set are egg, shrimp and avocado, and beef. This sandwich set costs 617 yen.

    These sandwiches may look sweet but they are not categorized as desserts as they are not filled with sweet ingredients and are served without the usual baumkuchen glaze. It is a great option for those who’d like to try something new to eat while traveling.

    In addition to the three-variety sandwich set, Nenrinya is also offering a seasonal limited item of hot baumkuchen with chicken curry for the same price, so you better grab a bite of it before it’s gone.

    Check out Nenrinya’s baumkuchen sandwich creations if you ever use Tokyo Haneda Airport for your travels. The harmony between the cake and the meaty filling is out of this world. The combination unbelievably works and it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It is an original menu which you won’t be able to find in any other shops so don’t miss out!

    CAFÉ Nenrinya Website

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