Enjoy the Sights of Osaka and Kyoto From the Water With These 2 Summer Boat Tours

  • Going on a yakatabune cruise is a popular summer activity in Japan. A yakatabune is a classic low barge style boat that goes sailing in the river during the summer season. Many companies provide tours using these boats in order to help tourists enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Japan in a luxurious time. They also offer dining options for people who’d like to enjoy eating while touring. If you have no plans yet on how you’ll be spending your summertime in the country, why not try these two yakatabune cruises in Osaka and Kyoto?

    1. Yakatabune Traditional Boat Cruise in Osaka

    This is one of the popular yakatabune cruises available in Osaka. It is a great way for you to enjoy a different side of the city while sitting at low tables. The boats are outfitted with tatami mats and consist of both indoor and outdoor seating areas. This is a chance for you to see Osaka from the water. You will be seeing industrial areas such as Osaka Business Park and historic architectures such as the Central Public Hall and Suisho-bashi Bridge. This is an enjoyable journey that you’ll surely treasure.

    The meeting area for this cruise is Hakkenya Seaport and from there, you will be visiting various spots in the city. The cruise is available in English or Japanese.

    At least two persons are required for every booking and children below five years are not allowed to join. You also have to be at least 10 minutes early prior to the start of your booked tour in order to avoid getting left behind.

    If you’re planning to come as a group, a maximum of 10 people are allowed to join the cruise. If you ever change your mind, you can cancel your reservation for free until five days before your booked tour.

    Yakatabune Traditional Boat Cruise in Osaka Website

    2. Sagano Bamboo Grove and Arashiyama Walking Tour with Yakatabune Cruise (Kyoto)

    If you’d like to experience a yakatabune cruise in Kyoto, you can join this one. This tour will provide you with different beautiful sceneries of Kyoto. You’ll be able to have a glimpse of the stunning Arashiyama Mountains of Kyoto and the Tenryu-ji Temple.

    The tour’s yakatabune lunch cruise is available for adults who are over 12 years of age and children who are at least six years old. However, if you really want to bring a child who is five years or younger, you would have to sit them on your lap as their seat will not be guaranteed. A boarding fee will also be required for children aged four to five.

    This yakatabune cruise package is only available if there are at least two participants. It also comes with a delicious traditional Japanese lunch, which is a perfect way for tourists to spend time while going along with the river’s flow.

    Sagano Bamboo Grove and Arashiyama Walking Tour with Yakatabune Cruise Website

    Have an unforgettable summer by eating delicious traditional Japanese food while being drifted away into the beautiful and historical places of Osaka and Kyoto. Allow yourself to admire the beauty of these two cities from the water with these yakatabune cruises which make for a great cultural experience.

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