The Incredible Doraemon Experience at Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

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    If I ask you, what is the cartoon of Japan that you like the most? I think many of you will answer “Doraemon”. Yes, Doraemon is a popular character from Japan that maybe make you able to know Japan at the first time when you were a kid.
    If you like Doraemon, then you have to go to Fujiko F. Fujio museum. Fujiko F. Fujio museum is a museum located in Kawasaki established by Mr. Fujiko wife, to memorize her husband as well as to introduce the world about manga and its messages. Mr. Fujiko himself is a creator of manga for some comics that you may enjoy until now. Some of his creation are Doraemon, Perman and Obake no Q-taro. Mr. Fujiko’s motto of dream, hope, friendship, courage and curiosity and his love for human beings has always be an inspiration for everybody who come and visit this museum. In the Fujiko F. Fujio museum, you will find many replicas of manga that most of them are Doraemon character. Not only kids, this museum also popular among adults especially who love Doraemon.

    What You can Enjoy There

    There are different areas that you can find in the museum such as the manga reading room, the theater room, cafeteria and souvenir shops. Normally people like to take a photo with the life-size statues of Doraemon and its friends which can be found in the outdoor area of the museum.

    本日の戦利品ーその1ー 戌年グッズ。 友達の手作りグッズも。

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    People also can enjoy Doraemon company in the cafeteria as they sell some characters themed foods and drinks. The most popular one is café with Doraemon design on its surface. You can also buy Doraemon and other manga characters at the gift shops.

    How to Get There

    The museum open every day from 10.00-18.00
    It is IMPORTANT to know that people have to make a reservation to visit the museum, and there is no ticket sold at the entrance of the museum.
    To buy a ticket you can visit the website: Reservation

    The information to get there:
    Planning to run the shuttle bus service from Noborito Station (Odakyu line or JR Nanbu line)
    Walking from Mukougaoka Yuen station of Odakyu-line for 16 minutes
    Walking from Shuku-Gawara station of JR Nanbu line for 15 minutes
    Please visit the museum using public transportation. Please refrain from taking a car as there is no parking lot in front of the museum.
    Fujiko F. Fujio Museum