Try This Brand New Organic Miso Soup Endorsed by an Australian Model in Japan

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  • Australian model Miranda Kerr is very popular in Japan. Her beauty has a cute look which is the reason why many men and women like her. Ever since she endorsed Marukome, a Japanese miso soup paste producer, her name became more well-known. Recently, she was given another product to advertise with her own personal input; this is called the “Organic Miso Powder.” The powder is a combination of Japanese and Australian tastes and is going to be a great addition to different dishes.

    Miso in Japan

    Miso soup is a popular Japanese traditional soup that uses “dashi” stock. It is eaten almost every day in Japanese households and is commonly served with a bowl of steamed rice.

    The choice of miso paste tells the quality of miso soup you’re going to make, thus it is very important to choose one with good quality. Traditionally speaking, miso paste is produced by fermenting soy beans. Long fermentation time produces stronger flavor than shorter fermentation time.

    There are many ways to prepare miso soup. Some people simmer vegetables and meat together with dashi, tofu, carrots, and other ingredients. Busy people, on the other hand, tend to make miso with the help of dehydrated powders and paste forms. This gives them an instant way of creating miso soup while saving time. These forms contain dried toppings which can easily dissolve in water, and this kind of preparation is available all throughout Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores.

    Marukome’s “Organic Miso Powder”

    Most people are concerned about their daily food and calorie intake. This is one of the reasons why many companies are now producing organic foods as they are in their purest form. It has also been a norm since ancient times for Japanese people to serve fermented goods. Now a popular Japanese miso soup producer, Marukome, is going to make patrons even happier with its “Organic Miso Powder.”

    The company partnered with Miranda Kerr in producing the new product, which will be available from the end of August 2017. There will be two powder varieties with both being presented in 100-gram containers. The first one is vegetable dashi stock flavor while the second one is smoked bonito flavor.

    The vegetable dashi stock flavor is going to evoke the organic taste of vegetables, which is one of the most commonly served flavors of miso soup in the country, while the smoked bonito flavor is all about a dried fish taste. It is said that Marukome has been quite popular in producing miso paste and instant miso soup for more than 150 years. These products are also available in economy-sized packets and are great energy boosters. The newly-made organic miso powder’s taste will give patrons a surprisingly tasty experience with added health benefits.

    Marukome is hoping to introduce healthy condiments to the whole world and its “Organic Miso Soup” is just the beginning. Miso soup is considered low in calories and it lessens the risk of developing breast cancer in women. Due to its healthy advantage, it is widely accepted by many people around the globe. In the coming end of August 2017, don’t forget to visit your nearest supermarkets and convenience stores and look out for these organic products.

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