Coffee Served in a Cone? Enjoy This Unique Drink at a Specialty Cafe in Tokyo!

  • Do you like coffee? How about ice cream? If you’re a lover of both good things, then you better check out COFFEE CONE TOKYO, a Tokyo-based cafe that serves coffee in an ice cream cone. They also serve different ice cream combinations that come in different designs. Though this is not the first time coffee has been served in a cone, COFFEE CONE TOKYO has recently introduced its dessert-drink hybrid – coffee served in a cone which stands out from the rest. The combination looks so delicious and sinfully addictive!

    Unique Ways of Serving Coffee

    This Instagram-worthy coffee in a cone became a hit in 2016 through the Grind Coffee Company, which is a cafe in South Africa. They launched a product combining coffee with ice cream and chocolate. It received a lot of social media attention which was evident in the 3 million Instagram posts dedicated to it.

    Another shop that uses the same coffee-in-a-cone concept is Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. They serve milk chocolate-rimmed waffle cones filled with coffee. There’s also the existence of coffee served in edible cones such as ILOHA Coffee’s “ECOPRESSO.” This coffee shop provides freshly roasted beans and can be found in Ota, Japan. Furthermore, an Australian coffee shop called Karvan Coffee provides a seasonal coffee treat called “Eggspresso,” which is coffee poured into hollow chocolate eggs. These are just some of the unique ways that coffee is served.


    Japan is highly infatuated with coffee and this is evident in the many coffee-related innovations they made. Due to the ever-growing trend of coffee being served in cones, Tokyo has finally introduced a cafe where Tokyoites can grab one. The cafe is called “COFFEE CONE TOKYO” and it is located in Koenji, a place popular for second-hand clothing shops in the country.

    COFFEE CONE TOKYO is meant to give you a different kind of morning fix as it swaps coffee served in a cup for one in an ice cream cone which is delightful to one’s taste buds.

    The delicious-looking coffee-in-cone treat is served with various treats which range from sprinkles and nuts to matcha powder and chocolates. They also come in a variety of ice cream cones that are worth sharing on Instagram. The drink is served with a little smiley face that will surely brighten your day.

    If it is not enough to satiate your appetite, you can add a cone of soft-serve ice cream on top of your coffee drink. This ice cream and coffee combination pushes the boundaries between dessert and coffee.

    If you’re an ice cream and coffee lover or simply looking for a unique kind of delicacy, COFFEE CONE TOKYO is the sanctuary you’re looking for. Don’t forget to photograph their lovely food art and share it with your friends. Make sure to admire the drink’s beauty before sipping the whole thing. Since this is an ongoing trend, who knows? A similar cafe might be opening in your area soon!


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