Try This New Product in Japan by Belle Maison to Protect Your Skin from Sunburn

  • Skin tone varies from person to person and in Japan, having pale skin is considered to be beautiful. Having light and balanced fair skin is considered a luxury asset that many women in Japan hope to achieve. However, it can be quite hard to protect your skin from the sun completely, especially your face, whenever the summer season comes. This is why Belle Maison has introduced its “Non-suffocating UV Face Cover” that helps to shield the face from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

    Belle Maison

    Belle Maison is a French term meaning “beautiful house.” It is the catalog name of Senshukai, a company in Japan. It is focused on the production of things that make living life comfortable.

    The company was first established in 1955. The first Belle Maison catalog was published in 1976 and its first online shopping website was established in 2000. It has even launched its own Bella Maison Club. It began expanding to other cities and countries in 2009 and found particular success in Shanghai, China.

    Belle Maison’s online retailer offers a huge variety of products that center on apparel, cosmetics, interior goods, Disney products, and much more. It is also known for selling unique merchandise such as the toenail art polish stockings, the breast line cover bust hider, the Bigan beauty face expander, and the sports match rain or shine umbrella parasol. The company always thinks about making items according to customer’s needs and to make the lives of women a little easier.

    The Non-Suffocating UV Face Cover

    All throughout the year in Japan, you may see people wearing different kinds of masks. Most of these masks are for protection against illnesses or to prevent their own infection from spreading. Recently, some people have been spotted wearing this unusual-looking mask that is actually a skin protector from the sun. This is a new invention of Belle Maison which they think is going to be useful especially during the summer season.

    What’s great about this item is its “non-suffocating” quality. It allows one to breathe in and out comfortably as it has a loose and easy fit, unlike many regular masks which can become too hot to wear in the summer. It is made of light material and can be attached to the ear with regular bands.

    The UV Face Cover comes in two colors: black and grey. The item protects the part of the face which has high exposure to the sun by cutting out 98% of the sun’s rays which penetrate into the area. This is available to women and comes at a price of 2,484 yen. For more information, check out Belle Maison’s online shop (Japanese only). There is also a similar item for men (Japanese only) but it comes at a different price.

    If you think wearing sunscreen lotion is not enough to protect your skin from the sun, why not use this “Non-Suffocating” UV face cover? You can also pair this with your other sun-protection items such as sunglasses or long sleeves. If you have this at hand, there’s no more reason for you to hide from the sun. It is also a fashionable item that you can freely sport in a fashion-conscious country like Japan. Go ahead and brave the summer days while maintaining your youthful look with this face cover.

    Belle Maison website *Japanese only