Who Is the Man Behind the Many Branches of Kit Kat Chocolatory Across Japan?

  • Have you ever wondered who’s behind the creation of the wonderful flavors of Kit Kat in Japan? It’s none other than hard-working Chef Patissier Yasumasa Takagi. He’s so good in surprising people and making them happy with his unique Kit Kat creations that he opened his own Kit Kat Chocolatory store in 2014 which expanded into several branches. Japan’s affection for weird yet interesting flavors provided a realm for Takagi’s deep passion. Let’s take a closer look at how he developed his strong affinity for Kit Kat in Japan.

    Yasumasa Takagi and His Early Years

    Yasumasa Takagi was born in Tokyo, Japan. He’s the eldest among three siblings. His career in pastry started after he graduated from high school. He entered TSUJI Institute of Patisserie, a school that centered on making both Japanese and Western confectionery. He was able to comprehensively deepen his understanding of confectionery production theories. The training honed his individual skill which he applied later on in his creations. He took the time to stay in France for one year in order to learn French confectionery art and had an on-the-job training in top French restaurants.

    Takagi went back to Japan and furthered his skills by working as a pastry chef in hotels. He also appeared on the Japanese cooking television series, Ryori no Tetsujin, which is also known as Iron Chef. He challenged Masahiko Kobe in December 1997 with the French theme of strawberry. As of now, he is considered one of the popular chefs when it comes to Japanese confectionery.

    Kit Kat Chocolatory Stores

    While the iconic wafer bar didn’t originate in Japan, its first appearance in the country in 1973 became a huge hit. It became a top-selling chocolate brand, thanks to Takagi as his creativity was noticed by Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company.

    In partnership with Nestlé, Takagi created various types of unique Kit Kat flavors like Orange Cocktail Noir, which is a mixture of chocolate, orange, and rum, and Sakura Green Tea, which is generally available during the spring season. Takagi made this Japan-exclusive Kit Kat creations with much passion, and he is always on the lookout for new textures and flavors.

    As of now, long queues can normally be seen in Kit Kat Chocolatory stores. This is clearly a proof of how much people treasure the brand in the country. The store is very attractive with its ruby red color and chandeliers. The store offers several limited flavors which you cannot find anywhere else in the world so it is definitely a must-visit for Kit Kat fanatics. Many people come to the place to buy Kit Kat as souvenirs to people in their homeland. If you’d like to visit one of the stores, take note of the following branches:

    Japanese people and Kit Kat have a strong connection. From an unknown brand, it became phenomenal through amazing marketing gurus and chefs like Yasumasa Takagi. If you’re going to visit Japan anytime soon, don’t forget to drop by the nearest branch in order to purchase special treats for your loved ones back home.

    Kit Kat Chocolatory Website

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