Beautiful Island in Tokyo Prefecture, Izu Oshima

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  • Maybe some of you have interest in going to more remote locations in Japan rather than bit cities. This time I want to tell you about one of my favorite and very beautiful islands which belongs to Tokyo prefecture.

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    Izu Oshima is famous for fishing and diving during summer. Every year when summer comes, it gets difficult to reserve a hostel or a hotel because this island is not so big and there are not so many places that you can stay at. However, this island has lots of places you can visit regardless of season.

    Izu Oshima Hiking

    Miharayama’s crate. You can see the smoke coming out

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    One of them is a place named “Miharayama”. Miharayama is an active volcano ,so if you go there you can actually see the smoke coming from it and also the crater. Maybe the whole thing (I mean to walk to volcano, walk around the crater and come back to the same place you left) takes almost 3 hours or more. If you hate to walk so much, you can ride on a horse to go to volcano, though you have to pay 5000yen for it.

    View from the top of Miharayama

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    And from the top of it, you will have a view which is beyond description.

    Oshima Zoo


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    Secondly, I want to show you a nice zoo called “Oshima doubutsuen”. First of all, the zoo admission is free for all ages. I think this is already enough of a reason for you to go there. And also there are many kinds of animals that you can see there.

    Important details

    Finally I write about matters that require most attention from my experience.

    • You should check bus time schedule before you go to your destination. In Oshima, if you miss a bus, sometimes you have to wait for about an hour and usually there are no buses after around 5pm. Therefore, It’s good to check the bus timetable before you go there.(You can get a bus timetable print from “ohshima sightseeing association” in Izu Oshima)
    • Usually all stores close very early.
    • If you are in Izu Oshima, you have access to some other islands from there. It’s going to be a really nice choice to go to another island from there if you have enough time.

    Please check the links below!

    Oshima and Neighbouring Islands Access Info

    I’d be very happy if you decided to go to Izu Oshima after reading this article!