Home-stay Program with Exciting Activities in Ishikawa

  • My last summer was awesome! Vividly I still remember the moment when I held back my tears as I bid goodbye to my two host families. One week with them was definitely too short, but the memories I have of them will definitely last forever. I could not thank Japan Tent enough for granting me such a golden opportunity to meet new friends from different countries and be hosted for several nights by two generous Japanese families in Ishikawa prefecture.
    You would absolutely agree with me if you had participated in Japan Tent.

    By the way, did you know Japan Tent?

    What is Japan Tent like?


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    It is a home-stay program held annually in Ishikawa prefecture. Every summer, 300 international students currently studying in Japan are selected and invited to stay with 2 host families in two different municipalities in Ishikawa. Through this event, participants are able to experience and learn about the Japanese culture and lifestyle. At the same time, the Japanese host families interact with the participants to promote international exchange.

    There were many exciting activities scheduled each day for us. During the day, we were divided into several small groups each led by Japanese students as facilitators to carry out the activities. At nights, host families would drive us back to their respective houses.

    My first host family was a young couple with 2 adorable kids; my second host family was an old couple.


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    The followings are some of the memorable activities worth sharing with you:

    “Iwana” fish catching


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    We were brought to a stream where we “transformed” ourselves into a fisherman. Without using any fishing tool, we inserted our bare hands into the burrows underneath the rocks on a “trial and error” basis. Once a slimy object was felt, we grasped firmly and pulled it out. Thankfully we did not catch a snake! The fish were sacrificed for the sake of our tummies.

    Making “Waraji”

    Waraji (草鞋) are sandals which are made from straw ropes. While gripping the straw ropes with our toes, we carefully weaved them to produce waraji.


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    “Kinpaku” decoration

    Kinpaku (金箔) also known as gold leaf is made by beating gold into an extremely thin sheet. Since we were in Kanazawa, a place which accounts for about 99% of gold leaf production in Japan, we did not miss the opportunity to produce our own kinpaku-decorated plates!


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    If you are an international student in Japan, you cannot afford to not partake in Japan Tent. It is absolutely free, and what you need to do is simply to apply for it!

    You may check with your university’s Center of International Affairs for its application details. You may also, visit Facebook Page for more information.