Do You Know This Japanese Actress Who Just Won an International Movie Award?

  • Sarina Suzuki is an actress, singer, idol, and talent celebrity in Japan. Her real name is Kanako Munehiro and she was born in Osaka on July 13th, 1977. She recently won the Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film Award at the Madrid International Film Festival for her performance in Kiseki no Hagaki (The Miraculous Postcards) movie. Let’s find out more about this talented actress.

    Sarina Suzuki’s Career

    Sarina Suzuki started participating in beauty contests when she was young. She first started to gain attention in 1994 when she became a gravure idol. These idols are models who pose for magazines which are especially catered to men and are marketed for their sexual attractiveness.

    Later on, Suzuki joined variety shows on television. She was often seen on Mecha-Mecha Iketeru, also known as Mecha-Ike, on Fuji TV. This Japanese variety show has regular members and she became one of them. Just like typical Japanese shows, it is centered on comedy sketches and a selection of games. Suzuki has also appeared in several TV programs and advertisements. Besides acting, she also has some experience in professional singing.

    As a child, she was interested in music and learned to play the saxophone and electric organ. She made her singing debut in 1997 under Toshiba EMI, which is now known as EMI Music Japan. She debuted as a reggae singer in 2005 and took the name MUNEHIRO. Her albums include NEO, Re:1st, Singin’ with the Boyz and Up and Coming. One of her singles ranked 22nd in the Oricon Singles Chart in 1997.

    Sarina as an Actress

    アワードの前夜カバンを盗まれたの。 パスポートなくなったので帰国できなくなり、Liveいけなくなったり迷惑かけてしまったのだけどね アワード授賞のスピーチで 「昨夜カバンを盗まれたの。 財布もない。 クレジットカードもない。 パスポートもない。 だけど トロフィー撮った‼︎」 みたいなことを話したら 大歓声と拍手になった。 次の日街歩いてても、パスポート無くしたけどトロフィー獲った日本の女優かって声までかけられたよ‼︎ 帰国できなくてLive楽しみにしてたファンの人に申し訳ない気持ちでいっぱいやったけど、そのおかげでみんなの印象に残るスピーチにもなったから最終的にはhappyな出来事になったよ。 心配かけてごめんね、ありがとう。

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    Sarina has several TV series, drama series, and movies to date. Some of these are titled Divorce Lawyer, You’re my Pet, Miyamoto Musashi, Keizoku Special: Phantom, La La La at Rock Bottom, Women’s Army Corps, and more. One of her recent movies include The Miraculous Postcards, in which she played the role of a struggling woman who was carrying several burdens in life. One of these was her daughter who was critically ill and her mother who was suffering from dementia. The story of the movie revolves around how she managed to handle her difficult situation in life.

    This movie won her the award at the Madrid International Film Festival, an international event which brings together all filmmakers and the business of filmmaking. She has shown prowess in acting which got her the Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film Award. Her acceptance speech on July 15th, 2017 clearly showed how unbelievably happy she was with the outcome of the movie.

    Sarina Suzuki’s well-deserved award may just be the beginning of her budding career. This recognition she has earned for working so hard in the movie industry will hopefully give her more opportunities to charm our screens in future releases.

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